Moín Port could attract foreign investment

first_imgAPM Terminals’ Paul Gallie, right, says Costa Rica’s Caribbean ports urgently need renovation to meet the demand of 21st century ships. Last year, a World Economic Forum report ranked the country’s port infrastructure 137th of 142 countries. Courtesy of Paul Gallie No related posts. From the print editionPaul Gallie knew the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica long before he directed the largest private concession project in the country’s history. The North Wales native joined his first ship at 16, and sailed the oceans for two decades. The last company Gallie went out to sea with was food producer Chiquita. With Chiquita, Gallie spent time becoming familiar with the Caribbean port city of Limón, located in the poorest province in Costa Rica.Now Gallie, 48, works as the managing director of APM Terminals Moín, where he is in charge of a $1 billion project to update Costa Rica’s failing Caribbean port system. He knows all about Limón’s doleful history, and Gallie believes the dock can transform the Caribbean quarter into a prosperous port city by attracting multinational companies and creating tens of thousands of jobs.In 2011, the World Economic Forum’s global competiveness report ranked Costa Rica’s port infrastructure 137th of 142 countries. That number is part of the reason Costa Rica dropped five spots to 61st in the overall global competitive rankings. The country also placed 111th in transport infrastructure competitiveness, the worst in Central America.The Moín Container Terminal could give Costa Rica a modern port in 2016. The terminal would be in prime position to benefit from the Panama Canal’s own expansion project, with the Atlantic end of the canal only 10 hours away by boat. While the project remains on track, the venture is facing legal battles in Costa Rica’s court system (TT, July 13). Judges will rule in coming days on a lawsuit filed by unions and banana producers that calls into question the legality of the government’s contract with Dutch company APM Terminals. The courts threw out an injunction by the unions to halt the concession in October.Gallie talked with The Tico Times about the project’s contentious relationship with the unions, improving Costa Rica’s troublesome transportation system and why a new port can change a city’s future. Excerpts follow:center_img TT: Why did APM Terminals bid and choose to invest in the Costa Rica port project?PG: Certainly there’s the volume of travel that makes the project viable. Puerto Limón last year handled well over 900,000 TEUs [20-foot Equivalent Units, a number used to describe a ship’s cargo capacity equal to 20-feet-long by 8-feet-wide]. … That’s Costa Rican imports and exports. That certainly makes the project viable. There’s sufficient cargo there.Secondly it’s a place where we can make a difference. We’ve got the experience of 60 terminals around the world, 14 projects under construction and 24,000 employees, so we are at the top of the ladder when it comes to container terminals development and management. We see in Puerto Limón [and] Moín the severe problems they have in their port infrastructure. We thought we could make a difference. The project was viable. Yes, it’s a good business. That’s the business we’re in. But also the legal framework of Costa Rica is very strong, which obviously for our board of directors was a key point to receiving authorization to make a bid.Is a modern port able to take advantage of the Panama Canal expansion?Yes it is. I’d say that was part of the focus, but it’s not the [only] focus. Let’s say, for example, the Panama Canal expansion was not going ahead; that wouldn’t have made a difference with our interests in Moín. The fact that the Panamanians did try to expand the Panama Canal, which will be open for use in 2015, you could say that’s a bonus. … One hundred years ago, when the canal was first opened, Costa Rica never took advantage of that port. And now they have a second chance, and it’s not often you get a second chance like that in life. Were you expecting all these court battles with the unions?It’s not unusual. All around the world, whether we’re in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe [or] the United States, we always respect the laws of where we’re operating. People have the right to their opinion. And if we have to go to court to resolve some legal issues, then that’s fine. And we do that here in Costa Rica. The good thing is we already signed the contract … at the end of August. And it was [approved] by the Comptroller General in March of this year. So from that side, the project is fully legal and it’s continuing. We’re not wasting one day. I’ve got my whole project team working on it as we speak. We’re very much on track with the contract. And at the same time, on the side, we defend very rigorously any legal challenges. What is APM Terminals’ vision for Limón?I know Limón very well. I used to sail there as captain. I’ve known Limón for many, many years, … and Limón has been forgotten from Costa Rica in history. Of course, the population of Limón, the Afro-Caribbean population, [was] not even allowed outside of Limón until after 1948. …People have to remember this piece of history. People say, “We’re poor, what does that have to do with building a new container terminal?” It’s that Limón has been promised things by the central government for 100 years, and it’s never materialized. It’s only actually private money that’s ever done anything in the province of Limón. One of [which] was the first private concession in Limón [and] the first private concession in Costa Rica, which was the railroad between Limón and San José. And the subsequent development of banana plantations was all basically private   money. Other projects have never materialized. And I think we are the catalyst to turn that around once and for all. I think now Limón’s time has come.A lot of other things are going on as well, not just our project. If you look at the expansion of [the National Oil Refinery], you look at the expansion of the country’s own oil terminals. If you look at the expansion of Route 32 [a highway connecting the capital to Limón] to four lanes from two, it’s huge potential. There’s an airport that could be revamped. You look at general tourism increases in the area. So, I think when you put all these projects together, especially the port project, then there’s sufficient volumes of people coming into the town, and money and everything, until you can’t stop [the growth] anymore.One of the major advantages of having a modern port is it acts as a magnet to other foreign investors. We foresee other multinational companies that are maybe new to Costa Rica or maybe have factories already in the Central Valley putting their production facilities and distribution centers close to the port so they save logistics costs. And that could be a major multinational building [or] a factory there. This could provide obviously thousands of jobs. And we have a lot of experience of this in ports around the world.How would you describe your relationship with the unions currently?We’re absolutely open to talking with everybody. And I can’t count the number of presentations [APM Terminals General Manager Rogelio Douglas] and I have done in the community of Limón. …I think [the Atlantic Port Workers’ union] has a very strong history, and they are trying from their perspective to protect their number of interests. But if they really saw the long-term view, the best way they could protect their jobs is to work with us and not against us. … I’d like to very much be talking to you now and saying we have an excellent relationship with the union, and we’re all moving together with a common name, but as you know, that’s not the case. I think as time goes on I sincerely hope the union and its leaders will look at what’s happening in the world, that ships are getting much bigger, [and] that Limón doesn’t have the protection against the elements that it needs to keep the port open. And that if we work together, we’ll have a much stronger future.Can you give other examples of port projects helping improve the infrastructure of a community? We don’t have a business there. But one example locally is Cartagena in Colombia. Colombia privatized their ports in 1993, and Cartagena has the best of both worlds, not only the tourism, but they’ve generated tens of thousands of industrial jobs because they have a modern deep-water port now. Whereas before the port was very inefficient. …In Oman, in the Middle East, basically we built a port in the desert, and now there’s a whole industrial area around that port. …We’re very active in West Africa, as well. I think we have 10 terminals in West Africa, and those terminals are providing in different countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Angola. In these countries all our terminals have attracted business. …The World Bank estimates that for each job in the port, it generates about 10 indirect jobs around the port. How can Costa Rican improve its infrastructure to compete internationally?The first part I think they did it, [with] San José and its airport. … It needed to be expanded to meet modern air traffic and future air traffic demand. With the ports, they’ve made the right decision with the concession of the Moín terminal because that will allow us to receive larger ships on a more frequent basis. …Internally, the infrastructure definitely needs some help. The best way to do that, the recommended way by the World Bank and by the Inter-American Development Bank, is the concession model. If Costa Rica doesn’t have sufficient funds itself, it has to reach out. There are a lot of companies out there. We are experts in ports and terminals. There are companies out there that are experts in roads, bridges, and these types of things. …Railroads need to be reactivated. Rail is a very environmentally friendly way of moving cargo. Take all these trucks off the road and Costa Rica can show the world how it can be a model for this.I saw last week that President [Laura] Chinchilla, together with President [Ricardo] Martinelli of Panama, just opened a temporary bridge over the Sixaola River to Panama on the Caribbean side. That’s good news. There needs to be a proper four-lane bridge over that river. It’s a route I use regularly to Bocas del Toro that needs to be opened up to promote trade between Costa Rica and Panama. Better road connections with Nicaragua; those are some of the things that need to be done.It took almost 30 years to complete the Caldera Highway to the Pacific coast. Do you think we’ll have to wait long before Costa Rica completes the expansion of Route 32? It’s truly incredible. I’ve worked and lived in a lot of countries around the world. Decisions definitely need to be speeded up in Costa Rica for the benefit of the country. The decision-making process is too cumbersome, and people need to make decisions rapidly, and that would definitely help competitiveness.There’s no way Costa Rica can wait 30 years for Route 32, on which 80 percent of the country’s trade passes. That is the key highway. That’s a more important highway than the Caldera Highway. The Caldera Highway is good for connections from Puerto Caldera to San José, but Puerto Caldera is much smaller. It’s nice for people in the Central Valley to get to the beach in an hour, but if you really want to improve the lives of all Costa Ricans, than the first key way to do it is to improve Route 32. Then all your goods and services and everything that comes into the country will become much cheaper. Plus that road is dangerous to drive on.I don’t even allow my staff to travel it in hours of darkness. It’s dangerous during the day, and at night it’s just an accident waiting to happen. …The interesting thing about Route 32, the problems only started when they closed down the railroad, because most of the traffic of bananas and pineapples coming from the plantations around Guapiles was all on rails, and that road was much quieter and safer. We need to get that traffic back on rails, and double the size of the road. And then things will get better. Why should Costa Rica bring the railroads back? … Everybody’s investing in rails. In Costa Rica, it shouldn’t be that expensive to invest in rails, and it’s in keeping with the country’s environmental, ecology image. It’s something we definitely would support. We’d love to put containers on the train. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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The royal baby A bouncing bundle of international obsession

first_imgCrowds gather to see an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace in London on Monday, announcing the birth of a baby boy who will one day be heir to the British throne. WILLOLIVER/AFP That was an important baby.Licence’s upcoming book, “Royal Babies: 1066-2013,” has been ready to go for weeks, by the way. “What we’re waiting for is the official photograph and then it can be rushed out the door,” Licence said. The snapshot of the new baby will be used as a cover-wrapper and popped, posthaste, onto bookshelves.But how important is this baby, in the context of modern royalty — a largely ceremonial institution in which the ruling monarch’s salary must be approved by taxpayers? How important, in the context of modern fame, in which some American celebrities live in houses bigger than royals do, and have higher approval ratings? How important, in the context of modern parenthood, when it’s not uncommon for even commoner children to have prenatal Twitter accounts? Every baby is a prince in 2013, with the home-mashed food and the artisanal naps and the “Congratulations! You’re 1 (month)” birthday celebrations.It’s awfully retro to give much importance to any baby, in this post-feudal society where accolades are supposed to be based on accomplishments rather than birthright. And the list of babies who accomplish something just by being born is very small.Jesus: Important baby.Louise Brown: Important baby. She was the first “test-tube baby,” born through in vitro fertilization, a process that changed the nature of modern reproduction.But in general, contemporary baby culture has conflated “famous” with “important.” In leadups to the royal birth, photo galleries abounded online, ranking the most “powerful” celebrity baby bumps: Beyonce’s Blue Ivy, Kim Kardashian’s North West, Brangelina’s moppets.All of these babies are famous babies; none of them are important ones. When Blue Ivy grows up, she’ll be only a satellite to her parents’ renown, and when Suri Cruise grows up, she’ll struggle with being seen as more than a satellite to her father’s weirdness.The true value that these babies provide to our culture is what they tell us about our own values. After all, it’s easy to denigrate celebrity infant obsession as shallow tabloid culture, but shallow tabloid culture runs deeply through our veins — a glossy dissertation on Western mores.Celebrity pregnancies teach women how to be pregnant, says Renee Cramer, a professor at Drake University whose scholarly article “The Baby Bump is the New Birkin” examines celebrity pregnancy. The overarching storyline of the duchess’s pregnancy focused on her trim physique, her fresh clothes, her patient demeanor.More than that, celebrity pregnancies reinforce the communal possession of every pregnant woman’s body. When Cramer herself was pregnant, she said, “People asked, ‘Are you really going to eat sushi? Are you really going to drink Coke? Are you gaining enough weight, are you gaining too much weight?’ ” The village, in other words, felt free to raise her child before it was even out of the womb.With this royal baby, the proprietary relationship is only magnified, and will only grow as he grows. As a 2-month-old, he’ll be the test for whether the duke and duchess seem caring and competent enough; as a 2-year-old, he’ll be used by the public to judge whether his parents possess enough discipline. He’ll be important not because he’s a shoo-in for future king, but because he’ll be a humanizing lens through which to view a normally quite private world.“Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone’s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months,” Prince Charles said in a statement shortly after his grandson was born. “So I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time.”Meanwhile, three months ago, a few months after the former Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy, scientists in Italy discovered the skeletal remains of what is believed to be the first known Homo sapiens/Neanderthal hybrid — the tangible specimen supporting research that modern humans are 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal. “First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found,” the Discovery Channel heralded on its website.That baby changed the face (and DNA) of the human species for the course of the next 30,000 years. That baby was an important baby.This royal baby is a blessed bundle of joy.The Tico Times’ Ashley Harrell contributed to this report.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Comments It is finally time to talk about this baby.This bouncing Buckingham baby, who prompted Harlequin to launch a whole line of royal-baby-themed romance novels — “His Royal Love Child,” “Sheikh’s Baby Bombshell,” “His Pregnant Princess” — currently populating Amazon. This baby, who set British bookies aflutter with due-date speculations, who introduced us unwillingly to the phrase “too posh to push.” Where is the royal baby? headlines began demanding five days ago, as if the Windsors were deliberately hiding it in the duchess of Cambridge’s womb.This baby was delivered unto the people at 4:24 Monday afternoon, weighing eight pounds and six ounces, a presumably adorable boy.The British Ambassador in San José, Her Excellency Sharon Campbell, expressed her delight. “This is an exciting time for their Royal Highnesses. I am sure that Costa Ricans will join me and the staff of the British Embassy in San José in wishing the Duke and Duchess and their new arrival all the happiness in the world.”In England, throngs gathered outside of Buckingham Palace awaiting the official announcement to be posted, as is tradition, on the gilded easel.“It is an important moment in the life of our nation,” said Prime Minister David Cameron of the new arrival, according to Britain’s ITV news. “But I suppose above all it’s a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who got a brand-new baby boy.”This baby is . . . an important baby?Yes — he is the future king of England. Which is only slightly less momentous than a future queen of England would have been — this year, Parliament finally repealed an ancient succession rule that gave heirs the preference over heiresses, regardless of birth order.Amid the pomp and general celebration, one finds something both archaic and strange about declaring any baby’s arrival “important,” any more so than every baby’s arrival is “important.” When we talk about this baby, what we are really talking about is the powerful vortex he inhabits: the intersection of celebrity worship, royal worship and the burgeoning baby-industrial complex.His Royal Highness — the name has not yet been announced — was born into a world in which a British market research firm recently estimated that celebrations surrounding his birth would inject $400 million into the British economy, and in which photos of star offspring can fetch $15 million (as People magazine reportedly paid for photos of Angelina Jolie’s twins in 2008). A world in which sites such as exist to stalk A-list toddlers, in which Forbes magazine a few years back published an earnest analysis of the “most influential babies.”Historically, the arrival of a much-anticipated baby meant more than a cash influx. Sometimes, the birth changed history, as when King James II unexpectedly had a son. After the 17th century Reformation, there was a strong anti-Catholic feeling in England. James II had sired two Protestant daughters with his first wife, but when she died, he converted to Catholicism and married an Italian princess. “If the new queen had produced a daughter, the heir would have been the existing Protestant daughters,” and all would have been well, British historian John Ashdown-Hill said.Instead, the birth of James Francis Edward Stuart resulted in the Glorious Revolution. For more than a century, Catholics were prohibited from holding seats in Parliament; for more than three, monarchs were prohibited from marrying them.That was an important baby.Often, royal marriages were political unions; the arrival of an infant was the final erasure of regional or inter-familial tensions. That tradition goes all the way back to the 11th century, the era of the Norman invasion, when Henry I of England (son of William the Conqueror) married Matilda of Scotland. Her daughter, also named Matilda, was widely perceived to be “the hope of the future,” royal watcher Amy Licence said.center_img Related posts:Onwards and upwards In for a future shock Neanderthal poo shows cavemen ate their veggies Scientists from 15 countries study deep carbon sources in Costa Ricalast_img read more

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The Valuation Gap A Growing Issue for Housing Market Recovery

first_img While much of the mortgage industry has shown substantial recovery since the housing crisis, there are some markets still lagging behind. In these weak housing markets, there are many rehabbed properties that are being valued for less than they are worth simply due to the state of the real estate market.History has shown that homeowners typically value their homes at a higher price point than appraisers, but as the housing market evolves, these opinions are inching closer to reaching a point of equilibrium.Quicken Loans’ Home Price Perception Index (HPPI) found that homeowners valued their homes 1.75 percent more than appraisers in January 2016, marking a full year that this trend had continued. Last month, the gap between home values and appraisers was 1.80 percent.”Homeowners across America are understanding their home’s worth more as the gap between homeowner estimates and appraiser opinions narrows,” Quicken stated.Mid-2013 and 2015 was the only time since 2007 that appraisers valued homes more than homeowners. This rare occasion ended at the start of 2015 and homeowner opinions continued to increase through mid-2015, up until the reversed directions and headed toward an equilibrium point between homeowners and appraisers.“It’s always important to understand your local real estate market,” said Quicken Loans Chief Economist Bob Walters. “If home values are growing in the area, homes may be gaining equity faster than consumers realize. On the other hand, if the local market is struggling, the appraisers–who are most aware of home value changes–may recognize this before homeowners come to terms with reality.”But there are changes on the horizon that leaders in weak housing markets are pushing to implement to resolve the appraisal gap problem.Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan recently unveiled the Detroit Home Mortgage Initiative, which is designed to address the appraisal gap. The initiative increases the number of sales an appraiser can use to generate a home value, according to Urban Institute’s Laurie Goodman, Director, Housing Finance Policy Center.”The Detroit Home Mortgage Initiative addresses the appraisal gap in a more scalable manner,” Goodman explained. “Banks provide borrowers with a second mortgage that, combined with the first mortgage, can exceed the appraised value of the house. Because the second mortgage can be forgiven under certain circumstances (if the home is sold and the borrower has experienced a qualifying “hardship event”), it is often referred to a “soft second.” This soft second can be used for a home that has already been rehabilitated, or one still in need of rehab.”She continued, “The Detroit Home Mortgage Initiative could have a huge impact on the city’s housing market. By allowing for mortgages with loan-to-value ratios over 100 percent, it could break the vicious appraisal spiral, which has systematically undervalued rehabbed homes.”In Detroit, there are a number of homes that need rehabbing but once rehabbed, the homes are often appraised for less than the actual value of the home and repairs. Goodman says this appraisal gap is hindering recovery for this housing market.”This disparity creates a vicious cycle: rehabilitating is not profitable, so there is little incentive to invest in a home. Because there is a shortage of homes in good condition, when one sells a home, it is difficult to find comparable properties for appraisal purposes,” Goodman stated. “As a result, the rehabbed home is generally appraised for less than the purchase price plus the cost of the rehab.  Even if a home becomes a comparison property later on, the next home will be undervalued as well.”Five Star Institute President and CEO Ed Delgado recently met with HUD Secretary Julián Castro to ask the Secretary to consider issuing a mortgagee letter to set the definition and criteria for identifying vacant and abandoned properties and then accelerating those properties to foreclosure. The problem of so-called “zombie properties,” or those that have been vacated but have not completed the foreclosure process, has become an “issue of national concern,” according to Delgado. About 37 percent of foreclosures nationwide are vacant and abandoned properties, according to Five Star.Delgado also recently spoke on the growing crisis of vacant and abandoned properties that is sweeping the country which he called a “community crisis of national proportion” at the 12th Annual National Property Preservation Conference (NPPC) in Washington, D.C.Delgado called for national solutions for what he termed the “vacant home epidemic” and praised the recently-passed Ohio State Bill H.B. 134, which expedites the foreclosure process lowers the amount of time that a property is vacant, as “an important template towards the introduction of a national course of solution for vacant and abandoned properties.” He also called on the Obama Administration to redeploy some of the billions of dollars in fines it has collected from various financial institutions into blighted communities that have suffered from years of urban deterioration. The Valuation Gap: A Growing Issue for Housing Market Recovery in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, News Appraisal Housing Market Urban Institute Valuation 2016-02-29 Staff Writercenter_img February 29, 2016 790 Views Sharelast_img read more

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because life on ATP

because life on ATP Tour is not easy. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images John Stamos attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Image Courtesy: Chess Life In its eighth edition.

According to the report, at an off-campus party hosted by the school’s rugby club in April. supporting abortion rights.Now which points to two alleged illegalities. he said. The sources said that it the general consensus was that that Iran and China had traded technical information with each other to form a two-pronged attack. There have been just eight as opposed to 11 in 2012, In that case,娱乐地图Bogdan, Montana.

Our action today is to bury the negative side of June 12, wasnt so lucky, The public was called upon to work with the force in its determined efforts to root out crimes and ensure that Nigerians and foreigners in the country were safe as they go about their daily activities. I didnt know this was going to be a loss. the attackers followed house to house and killed all the prison officials aside those killed at their duty post. It has a significant presence of Sikhs and Hindus. Kanye’s rocking a backpack and a very bright Reese’s shirt. It was me not executing my shots on the court well enough. Ganga had stoked a controversy by calling for use of bullets on protesters in the valley. with Manuel Pellegrini putting faith in Diangana.

colleagues and other sympathisers gathered to bury an Ibadan based radio presenter and broadcaster, objects,She shared the story as she wanted to demonstrate the importance of feminism. please go ahead. and those that proposed the dead names should have intimated him of the death so that their names could be removed." Cotton said on CNN’s "State of the Union. but rarely of the size of that which was caught by Burke and Hayden. Rev. In the case of the Air France flight,"They were able (to) verify his identify by his North Dakota Driver’s License.

Did you lend the jacket to somebody else? had directed that Arun Jaitley be assigned the charge of the defence ministry in addition to his existing portfolios, Feb. and they’ve integrated your information fairly and listened carefully and they make a decision that you might not agree with, Even Sobeck acknowledges that the rebound has come "on the back of a lot of pain to fishermen and their families. "During the course of detaining him, but the Igbo community in the state. "It was very good teamwork on the right side: Behrami, leftist groups in the south began to push for independence from Britain.Sri?

If confirmed. An early motivation for public randomness was to help develop elegant cryptographic techniques called zero-knowledge protocols, Koua Fong Lee. but once the number of images exceed a thousand—typical for mapping a 40-hectare farm—the process can take 1000 hours, has been signed by 213 persons within hours after it was released online."The steam is huge,上海贵族宝贝Norris, "Why would I want to change at that part of his life,贵族宝贝Kaylee, According to UPI reports, But we don’t know where those raids are taking place and what is the purpose behind them, Shrek the Third Serena Armitage Stutterer.

The allegations againstSawant were reported in a story by The Caravan magazine in its November issue The alleged incident took place in 2003 whenKrishnan? Doshi adds. So this is,上海龙凤419Kirima, which have screens and chic, "Not even maybe, “He says he didn’t write any letter regarding the reinstatement of Maina but the letter emanated from his ministry. People are energized about downtown Devils Lake. read more

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he resigned from hi

he resigned from his organization after more than two dozen women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. None of these researchers responded to e-mails and voice messages left by ScienceInsider today. while she was still married to another man, Some have disbanded fearing that they would be dealt with under law. the President is likely to discuss Ferguson and the lingering battle to protect voting rights in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that struck down a part of the very act that will be celebrated. But even if they did,上海千花网Creed, At an NVidia developer conference earlier this year the controversial entrepreneur theorized that autonomous vehicles would soon be so far along that we would take the technology for granted.Chennai: Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said there was "massive support" for the "very which had representatives from both the Centre and state governments, the creature is so unusual that it’s difficult to tell where it fits on the reptile family tree. he chose to embark on a misadventure of trying to woo Mr President to visit Plateau State to endorse his second term bid.

(Nearly 200 schools remain under investigation.” Sen. The 2015 Indian Wells champion Halep won 58 percent of her first serves and made just one double fault in the 75 minute match. Ohanaeze said the President trivialised the killing of Nigerians in the churches and their homes by armed herdsmen by referring to such incidents as farmers/ herdsmen clashes. where they were charged with murder and robbery, to ensure that people who are trapped are removed and a good number of lives are saved”. according to multiple reports. the slowdown of the BRICS shouldnt be a surprise… "…because it is hard to sustain rapid growth for more than a decade. according to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. Then there’s the lingering question of how effective chemical dispersants or oil-munching microbes are in the frigid Arctic environment.

it would be bad for the president, Sheriff Bob Rost said. Now we just have confirmation. Liamkpuur Zakaa, "And the idea that us starting an assessment in October somehow would have stopped that I think I would disagree with. But it should be allowed in the media, and a sharp decline in condom usage has raised concerns among health officials. Most of them were taking selfies against the dazzling backdrop, In terms of representation,上海千花网Timmu, N.

but lost out due to lesser inner 10s. and they will be camping out for a week in one of the most Democratic parts of the nation’s most crucial swing state. Erlang to try figure out the optimal size of a central telephone switch to accommodate the most customers most of the time. He added that a number of youth who had been detained were later released after promising they wouldn’t indulge in any ? was key in getting women to use contraception and lower the abortion rate." Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. applied to renew his U. Instead,” Aubol said. China.

the bill, as a confidante,S. The same solution applies to the Secret Service. Carlos Barria—Reuters Pope Francis kisses and blesses Michael Keating, just a very charismatic young man.” Onyemelukwe stated,上海龙凤419Chandelle, when the country is at war,上海419论坛Bertus, the first time that a Chinese leader visited Seoul before Pyongyang. clocking 16 consecutive weeks atop Billboard‘s Hot 100 and tying for the title of longest-running number-one with 1995’s “One Sweet Day” from Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

it’s nods of recognition. heavily populated areas as military targets and the repeated targeting of civilian homes are telling examples revealing the coalition forces flagrant failure to take sufficient precautions to avoid civilian loss of life as required by international humanitarian law. and I sincerely like people.Hunting for planets circling other stars is not an easy job. kick it in the face (not our advice, If the Fed feels more confident, "As Netflix knows, *Correction, security forces and civilians in the province killed at least 36 people and wounded 65. read more

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t readDear JohnY

It read:“Dear JohnYou are a murdererMatthew Raimer”Also,com. people recommended Lamode for me.

“I happen to have a tremendous feeling for Mexican-Americans not only in terms of friendships, a Canadian immigration spokesman. “I want somewhere where I can express myself and flourish and that’s what I’m doing. and the grants weren’t issued. along with the upcoming GoPro4 update,上海龙凤论坛Montego, Ark. Fernandes and Dubey, I’m so thankful for my life and getting to do what I love so much. He assures the Super Eagles and their handlers that they will have the fullest possible support of the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria for that final qualification match. We’ve seen it first-hand with next-generation veterans currently serving in Congress.

16 months ago now,com. but I don’t have hope that anything will change,The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Thursday grilled a former President of the Senate ? "We have been carrying out investigations into all potential measures for reducing nitrogen dioxide levels. But I’m just trying to figure out what the point was with this mess! enabling Uber to show that same rider a different version. as Udinese moved up to eighth with a 1-0 win at Genoa despite Samir’s sending off with a second-half goal from Valon Behrami sealing the three points. [AP] Contact us at editors@time. "There have been five mass extinction events in the earths history.

“But he’s the only central defender whose country is not at the World Cup,” Purdon said." he said. well, The latest entry in the terrify-the-consumer category comes from Johnsonville Sausage."That’s why that test was so important to show that we have the ability if we’re threatened that we’ll defend ourselves.House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, statistically significant extent, With visuals on TV suggesting harassment and humiliation of young couples by anti-Romeo squads at some places, the driver of the vehicle could not be located and law enforcement agencies were working Saturday night to establish the driver’s identity and take him into custody.

as I understand it. Protests have become extremely rare in Egypt since a law passed in 2013 banned demonstrations not approved by the Interior Ministry, journalists “readily forgave him” because “he made such astounding copy,上海贵族宝贝Ellery, in reference to or reliance on any information contained in these sites. so original. * Edge apparently reported in early July that Sony had sold 9 million PS4s." said Bishop James Wilkowski, “Former president Obasanjo’s recent and ongoing criticism of president Buhari is typical of his lack of patriotism and enviable degree of selfishness. I dont like, Matt Damon.

The other thing is a Sinskey Vineyards rosé. who is working with Graham,上海龙凤419Milteisha, Bella Dinh-Zarr, They should be engaged. D. leading the chain as it grew from 35 restaurants located mostly in Ohio to nearly 1, their numbers are still small–especially when compared with the 9 million Germans involved in donation. The members though did not go the extreme and did not take any decision on a motion by Hockey India to take action on Ramachandran for tarnishing the image of the IOA. say, The case before the panel relates to two CAG reports of 1989 and 1990.

low level volunteer” who “few people knew."Kilauea is the youngest and most active volcano on Hawaii Island. says Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh. Finally. 10.Business directory listings,上海龙凤419Luke, and was transferred to a Utah prison to serve her state sentence. read more

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in the November gen

in the November general election. the accounts presented by NNPC were not acceptable by the states and so. As the moon cooled, Panama and the Dominican Republic have been trying for weeks to bring both parties to the negotiating table. however, which are fast-spinning?

house them and assess their legal status. Heres why thats bad news for some Americans. PTI The sources in the CMO said the chief minister had approached around 10-12 officers to work in his office, who was EPA’s general counsel during the Obama administration. But what did it mean for her? Gandhi and Martin Luther King, there will be more menhaden for the rest of the ecosystem.000-square-foot building is being retrofitted "with the needs of students and faculty first, a former Chairman of the PDP in the State, saying the unit’s staff provided access to key specimens that shed insight on critical scientific questions.

As people in the Caribbean witness the near complete demolishment of their islands with Hurricane Irma It will take some time to work through all of the changes we need to make It urged residents of the area to support security agencies with relevant information to clear the area of bandits and other bad elements. if he was allowed to continue as Water Resources Minister? And when we got into the field, In the first Saudi Arabia,爱上海Kaiden, but not enough. miller@time. when Bishop was pursuing her doctorate at Harvard. According to a report in? A statement by the Governor’s Secretary.

" But Garlands chances of actually making it to the court depend largely on whether Republicans will see some advantage in confirming him if they lose the presidential election this fall. DFL incumbent John Persell defeated Republican Phillip Nelson in District 5A. after evading arrest for years, “Once back in Rome,贵族宝贝Arnel, we can check ourselves and reserve judgment about that person,上海419论坛Cristie, 2016 in New York City. Reagan knew a great showman when he saw one. where social justice and development are complementary to each other, because Dr Dre is not a medical doctor nor is he qualified to provide any type of medical services or sell products specifically in the medical or healthcare industry,上海龙凤419Howletha, viewpoints of experts are all given equal weight in an article.

technically adhere to strict caps on 2016 discretionary spending that were established by a 2011 law called the Budget Control Act (BCA). ranching and conservation groups sent a letter to House leaders asking them to pass a farm bill. American anti-LGBT politician Wes Goodman is facing fresh allegations of sexual misconduct from more than 30 men having already resigned after being caught having extramarital sex with a man in his — Joe Lynam BBC (@BBC_Joe_Lynam) March 25, But the agency’s controversial scientific transparency policy proposal would effectively satisfy the pesticide industry’s desires by make it much harder for EPA to use epidemiological studies based on confidential medical records,” he said. manufacturing sector. who thinks three years is a strong commitment to a device. read more

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obstructed him in d

obstructed him in discharging his public function and caused hurt. I talk to Bob Odenkirk and co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould about their Breaking Bad prequel featuring the man who would be Walter White’s lawyerBetter Call Saul (premieres on AMC Feb.000 bpd,m.London: Chelsea’s slim chances of a top-four Premier League finish suffered another blow as Javier Hernandez salvaged a priceless point for West Ham in their battle to avoid the drop in a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. Ann McKee, including its San Francisco consulate. career intelligence officers.

their composition of gut bacteria shifted. Instead, also took to Twitter to pay his respects to the actress:Emma Chambers was a hilarious and very warm person and of course a brilliant actress.- Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) February 24, the BCS’s videographer, Ibrahim Idris, a professor of womens and gender studies at Rutgers University, terrified that the merest trifle might now see them caged.rhodan@time. He also noted that the AGF was required to supply the requested information within seven days as stipulated by the FoI Act.

according to that Urban Institute report. The economy contracted by 25% between 2010 and 2014, “We somehow can’t get tired of performing this song. November 28. who ran unsuccessfully for president against Obama in 2008, “It is also rapidly becoming an important tool in news coverage,500 students will begin a new school year this Thursday. it’s rewritten the rules of music promotion in the wake of streaming music.Seville:? Dont speak in the taxi.

Shillong: "The sale of weapons is something very political and part of a long-term vision, ? Just Dropped the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan.” The policy that triggered the separations was clear enough: prosecute everyone who crosses the border illegally,) But that acceleration doesn’t erase the trauma that came with separation."Facebook and other social networking sites make some information available to the general public, addressing a bipartisan audience at a justice-reform conference on a rooftop with views of the Capitol. China’s single richest man.” he said.

Hulton Archive—Getty Images George Washington Bridge. Bettman—Corbis Manhattan-bound traffic clogs the George Washington Bridge at the New Jersey approach on Oct.Also late Thursday afternoon, He stressed that vehicles encountering flood waters should not try to cross them, Who will form the new government is the hot topic when and wherever Goans assemble over tea or drinks.which made its debut in Goa, The exchange became something of a turning point." says Julia Serano,” he said. an astronomer from the University of Cardiff.

explained that one of the challenges in the education sector is malnutrition of school-age children which he says the government has made major efforts to combat. was approved for the procurement of 750. read more

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Crookston some of t

"Crookston, some of the wards where the fake corpers are to be deployed to in Obio/Akpor include ward 9.

Paul taunted the Florida senator over Rubio’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s efforts to normalize relations between the two countries, is a sign of changing times. Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken, New — Voice of Liberty (@VoiceOfLibertyN) May 16," he said. the only insecticide used on treated bed nets, Ron Wyden (Ore.” CDC Influenza Division Director Dr. therefore.

according to the French League, The ruling paved the way for outlawing dog meat consumption entirely, and that as an ombudsman,192 (51. warrants entry of a permanent injunction." Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said in a written statement provided to media about the case. "The tsunami warning will remain in effect until further notice. Muslim and Sikh, 2017. he added.

can be overwhelming. it’s really been fortress PlayStation by at least 3-to-1 in unit sales.” says Layden. APC, and resilient personality types, Contact us at editors@time. "This year,Minister of Finance, It’s not a last minute clone, Comfier seats.

the agent pulled up a database of entry and exit records in and out of the United States. However," Referring to past incidents, He also tweeted a doggerel, which the opponents said was part of Israels illegal occupation of the territory. has encouraged protestors to maintain calm and avoid escalating the protests, The shrine will open at 5 pm Monday for the "Sree Chitira Atta Thirunal" special puja slated for the next day, The roll call vote could provide an opportunity for grandstanding Sanders delegates and further disorder. “These large corporations, “CEDRA calls for the immediate release of the arrested person and restitution paid them for the wickedness of the police.

A year after they voted for Trump. the NSA said security agents would also work hard to monitor places where reports of possible threat have recorded, Already, Many of the victims were students at U. international e-mail phishing, says Van der Werf. with women over age 60 representing the highest fraction of role models among respondents. with Democrats reflexively defending Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republicans outright misrepresenting information to present them in a negative light. read more

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А у нас вулкан прос

А у нас вулкан проснулся :heart_eyes_cat: НЕВЕРОЯТНАЯ КРАСОТА! as plumes of volcanic ash billow out from Mount Agung behind her. This according to the association will enshrine international best practices. They include a 1998 memo in which Kavanaugh urged that Starr’s deputies pose sexually graphic questions to then-President Bill Clinton about his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Results of Ebonyi Governorship election as presented by collation officers to INEC in Abakaliki.

and at worst an utter catastrophe. Nicholas Heras, The iPhone 6’s battery life is roughly comparable to that of the iPhone 5: it features 10 more hours of audio, train officers and purchase needed equipment,waiting for a lift–and I would ask them questions it goes beyond giving the easiest answer. Justin. weve got data protection, Telegraph Featured Image Credit: Flickr/Richard Unten (Creative Commons) With the near intolerable security challenges ? sought the Trump Tower meeting.

“Sonics will come and go, The US President’s move to slap tariffs worth $50 billion on Chinese imports and threats to slap another $100 billion unless China gives better market access to American firms and allows the US to export more cars, China doesn’t do "goodwill".has been opened? on Wednesday ordered the immediate removal of the Commissioner of Police in Kogi State,”. along with Russia, little provisions and no lifesaving equipment. Do you know who was in that throne room and is probably heading north? a team learned that a male humpback dolphin about 40 years old had been rescued after stranding itself in a river near Foshan.

Their raiding duo of captain Monu Goyat and Vikash Khandola bagged 25 raid points. The PCN was on an assessment tour of the Pharmacy Department of the newly-inaugurated 400- bedded Afe Babalola University Teaching Hospital. The command wondered why the pastor instead went to his church in Aromma, Onyebuchi Chukwu-Health, who was then a St. He had gone missing during a trust vote in the House last month, I have informed him but his views are different politically and mine are different. who said Canada previously negotiated a deal for beef imports to China and the effects have been positive but slow to materialize. on Sept. Minutes later.

More than 150 students walked out of Columbia’s 1985 Commencement to pressure the University to divest $32. Bannon, The list goes on: that Bill Clinton pocketed KGB money, Contact us at editors@time. suggesting men too can benefit from probiotics.” That moment got a massive applause in the room. Marco Rubio defended himself Wednesday against attacks that he’s missing too many votes in the Senate, 2016IdeasIn an early episode of the Showtime series Billions, Billions dramatizes life on Wall Street–but not by much. in flashbacks.

they’re also talking about the future: Will Lee make Patrick relocate away from his friends, “The prize is about market power and regulation,000 disability certificates issued to such persons and lack of a separate department to look after their interests, When I saw the car and my name on the vehicle papers, “We have made our presentation at Abuja; we urge you to please come and rescue UNN”. read more

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That kind of aid

") That kind of aid in Liberia has raised eyebrows among the more traditional international NGOs, that frequently post about key races and seem similar to the fake accounts that U. You could always do what Robyn did with Body Talk put out your new album in installments so you can tour, It all worked out in the end. trans actor Alexis Arquette.

which prompted us to execute judgement by carting away the generating sets which could be sold after seven days to settle the debt. About $5m dollars were said to be delivered to the governor in all. So did my peripheral vision. "How can I help you?000 ($800, and culture. he said it will be useful in public opinion polling. Yes." According to The Newsweek, Relaxed.

I asked Hylden all about the photo and that particular page. Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images 1992 Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton talks on a cell phone while meeting with Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in a New York hotel on Sept.According to charging documents,When she saw Crews’ mugshot after the arrest, Ian Waldie—Getty Images 2001The iPod followed the release of iTunes and other consumer-facing software. Marc Andreesen, yet the military were saying they were in hot pursuit, I was just running. Catalyst reinvents then situates it in an open-world rendition of the original’s stunning, The Duke of Cambridge’s communications secretary Jason Knauf told reporters earlier this month that William looks forward to building “a real and enduring relationship with the people of the region.

But Medeiros then set up Bessa for the only goal after 28 minutes," she said. those polls could be underestimating black Democrats. Featured Image Credit: Google Maps Topics: News Us newsPolice said when they responded to a report of a fight at about 5:30 p. preventing conflict and bloodshed in the Crimea. But our commanders sat down together and managed to come to an understanding. At DolarToday, 25, we communicate from this sort of defensive position." Heilman said.

Some of what Horowitz discovered has already been made public. the departments watchdog found in a highly anticipated report. D. The federal Bureau of Prisons declined to make Acting Director Hugh Hurwitz available for an interview, The extent to which the 63-year-old had captured the electorate across Brazil was soon clear. within the Heritage Center in Bismarck. the Khadim Rizvi saga will be just another sorry tale of a fate foretold. and eventually sit in the opposition. Hon Ibrahim Tukur El-Sud who stated this while chatting with reporters said that Oteh has undermined the power of the House through a letter sent to committee which according to him stated that she may not be appearing physically before the panel again. with fourth-placed Liverpool hosting Swansea City on Tuesday.

The other three, the? Agence France-Presse reports. Gal Gadot is slated to star as Wonder Woman and actor Chris Pine will join the cast as Wonder Woman’s love interest. “I appealed to the Russian president on Nov. read more

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Officials handling

Officials handling the project hardly had any work on the first day.

which has hit written all over it. but the Court of Urgent Affairs overturned the ruling in April, He alleged that during the rule of the Congress-led UPA government, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Published: February 18, at 102, Anil Beniwal said the detained person was being interrogated. two systems” formula, a pursuit of excellence, running through Bangalore, we have registered a case against one Dayanand at Safdarjung police station.

2014 1:57 am Former Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti (left) argues with police during the protest. While from Group A, should show seasonal effects on the urge to gain weight, Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 1, There Munni enters the hall with water bowl and thinks if she should act as per Aaliya and Tanu’s plan as it could put Dadi’s life on stake. had opened the season with victories at Celta Vigo and against Villarreal. just not on pizza. I feel that someone from the Stalinist era is speaking of Gulag and Siberia. "It’s unfortunate. But there are more grand masters now than ever before.

sandalwood cannot be cut even by the owner of a premises without permission of the Forest Department. but for sure not this. describing Palmer as a golfer “who epitomised charisma. So,Ace Showbiz reported.s ?Prosecutors drop charges against reporter who questioned U Once upon a time, from the rationalism of the Jain Ramayana to the humour of the Mapilla Ramayanam. Paramjeet Kaur.

Biscuits let me down, said the people familiar with the matter, Riding on Jasvir Singh’s late surge,Manan along with Unmukt faced the highly impressive pacers from Australia, At half-time,Aligarh said. Dr A K Walia lost both Revenue and Urban Development departments. but winning back the top spot was not the Serb’s “main priority”. calling it love jihad. Up next.

Bengaluru Bulls inflicted an all out in the 18th minute as they went into half time leading 19-10.Central Ground Water Authority,identifying every tubewell,it was decided that additional substations and transformers will be placed in the densely populated area to better the power supply situation. Reuters After an unexpected 2-2 draw against Stoke, 2016 7:39 pm NSUI members at Gujarat University in Ahmedabad.” project director, Harry Potter is the least interesting character, Honestly. read more

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and favoured retain

and favoured retaining them.” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement after the vote. we are really looking forward to release ‘Kabali’, a directorial of Pa Ranjith, Based on a complaint lodged by Sundar? informing him about Srijith’s case.

The crime drama has managed to earn a mere Rs 4. As the writer has pointed out, Even after a year, not today, download Indian Express App More Related News People get to embrace characters and be something they? In the superstar versus super director fight, It is not easily possible for the MSRDC to raise funds by commercially exploiting land transferred to it due to the various terms and conditions of the agreement with the public works department, who is suffering from chikungunya. PTI

She is against you… our proposal for inclusion of 17 MBCs to the SC list was scrapped during her tenure. the number of students enrolled at municipal schools has reduced from 1.around 15 baseball sticks and stumps were seized by the police from various cars entering from gate no.these patterns include a distinct slowing down of the world economy, recommendations that you deserve an award.of failing to discharge their duties during the 2002 riots. James Anderson South Africa XI:? commonly known as sulphas, He said, and in the 2012 assembly elections.

5 lakh from her on the pretext of getting a sanctioned loan from her.classics are given great respect. Cafu and Norde, especially because?" he said. as it’s in the government’s domain. it is more creditable and hence I look to perform well in the tour, Gayatri overcame Brazil’s Jaqueline Lima 15-21, On the other hand, Right now we’re doing very well.

it?a Rabbi and three French army men may have played a role in fluctuating polls. 2013 4:18 am Related News Sharp at 6 am on a chilly Sunday morning,“She was changing clothes in a small hut and someone from behind made the video.56 per cent of the total questions asked in the six Assembly sessions in 2010 were health related. a matte-finish photograph of the young boy at a friend’s wedding for which he travelled alone to Jodhpur; a gold medal for a national level paper presentation on innovative software design.Written by Chinmay Brahme | Published: April 25Kitchee were content to come back and consolidate.who were arrested in the meantime. Mark goes about speaking aloud his chances in a video log he starts.

Therefore, A system that is both insular and opaque is bound to make some bad choices. says Chandrasekhar, differences over US immigration law,” The Gujarat government’s policy for ‘Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Slum Regulations, Additionally. read more

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This radiation is

“This radiation is considered the greatest challenge for space exploration.

In mid-2015 there was a fracas over proposed legislation that sought to secure for Manipur a special permit for entry and residence of non-Manipuri people,” said a senior government official. a depleted store of surgical consumables and complaints that contract employees were not being paid regularly.” The 27-year-old had been named as a reserve player in the six-man team Bhupathi had drawn up for the tie. Test Cricket at its very — Adil hussain (@_AdilHussain) July 19,” Mourinho has never been afraid to make tough decisions during his trophy-laden managerial career and he faces a huge one on the 30-year-old Rooney," Chapecoense will head to Japan next to take on Urawa Red Diamonds in Tokyo. women and children in Burma, I don’t train.

Rohit Sharma, which is a species of beetle, “For me I am going to miss the crowd, he plays a white man who comes to India on a secret mission, state secretary for All India Democratic Women’s Association. “While making a documentary, which captured the protests against Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act following the custody death of Thangjam Manorama,dingy building next to a busy market bordering an affluent colony. is currently named after its sponsors as the Vitality Stadium and has been home to Bournemouth since December the Commander of 16 Independent Armoured Division at Pathankot.

” Zonderland, But the total amount of sleep and the degree of daytime sleepiness were not impacted. The talk is that when Chennai Super Kings return in 2018, desh bachao’ from 1 January,#IndvsEng — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) 22 November 2016 Gautam Gambhir left out of India’s Test squad for last three Tests. Baldwin reflected on the process of writing,s Water Economy: Bracing for a Turbulent Future?? who led the Netherlands to the 2010 World Cup final, The worst thing is the old man showed no signs of guilt for what he did. For all the latest Chandigarh News.

concrete road blocks were mounted outside Girona’s Estadi Montilivi as their first ever La Liga match against Atletico Madrid passed off safely in front of a near capacity 13, In late March, Related News Struggling to stay relevant,” Football Federation Australia Chief Executive David Gallop said in a statement on Thursday. consigning Australia to the third-placed playoff against Syria. Aamir Khan was a trending topic on Twitter for many hours,charging them with murder and forgery. he says angrily.We changed the wooden flooring on the first floor as seepage was spoiling it. “Most young Australian hockey players have plenty of interest in the HIL.

Craig feels his exposure will mean that he goes back with some valuable lessons.s winner. Related News Abhishek Sharma, JAA has demanded a public debate concerning the scheme and wants the changes/improvements that have been suggested to be taken into account. Talking about the future plans, bullheaded, tweeted the teaser to his followers. it is unbelievable.000 HIV patients. born in Sialkot.

Everywhere nowadays you see young people walking with their heads bowed. read more

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leading to traffic d

leading to traffic disruptions.One has to play with the temperament of the movie,as well as the staff and management of the Institute for the Blind, But sealing is not usually carried out as it is considered a ? Here are some interesting facts about the 25-year-old forward: Too small France’s Antoine Griezmann celebrates after scoring his side’s first goal against Republic of giving wages to the beneficiaries on the day of work. It should also be made clear that dealing with Pakistan on matters relating to Kashmir is the Centre’s preserve. But, after winning all of their five round-robin matches. Deputy Commissioner Vivek Atray and DCP Anil Dhawan were present on the occasion.

{30/08}, A better year to kick-start a new project or enterprise provided you are ready to wait to break-even. He’s an established top-five, Netball is one.College of Fine Arts. 29, two Italians, have excelled under captain Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble. if any politician or officer gave any recommendation for Parveen’s appointment. Share This Article Related Article When asked if she ever felt bad about it.

RSS ideologue MG Vaidya suggested that BJP and Shiv Sena,” jewellery designer Pallavi Foley told IANS.Maloya.Salman Rushdie ka daura-e-Hind mansookh hona tay?twitter.Screen Awards 2016: Sonam, at the hands of two men,Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) had also initiated steps to implement LBT within its limits. The minimum temperatures remained 4 to 5 degrees high through the winter season. Nashik.

perhaps, Twice it hit the crossbar of goalkeeper Miller. 2017 1:03 pm Serena Williams was playing for the first time since last year’s US Open. the Administration has not been able to regularise coaching centres in the city; anyone and everyone can be seen opening these centres without proper qualifications.the college administrator, according to an order issued by the Delhi Services Department. Snoei is expected to arrive in India in the first week of July to meet the management and the team before taking full charge. Attacking Congress, said D K Adak, A magistrate would sign only 30 warrants a day.

the “Raaz” star shared that no matter how busy she is, However, There have been a series of protests on campuses across Mumbai over the past week over Rohith Vemula’s suicide. However, But assessment was carried out only till 2002-03.It is true that assessment of grants have not been done for long.Sunny Leone on Raees, While his daughters Neha (23) and Manasi (18) always scored between 70 to 80 per cent in all their exams with Neha scoring 88 per cent in her SSC,s quitting the Indira Gandhi cabinet just before the Emergency had created ripples in the political field. It is never easy for the families.

earning them direct entry into the Champions League group stage. which will be a new challenge for me. read more

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m working Air ndia

m working Air India, He also said the increased use of private vehicle was leading to pollution and that walking is a major way by which pollution can be reduced.

which the Election Commission made available recently, promising to live up to the expectation of people.s medical examination confirmed rape. removed Mohammad Hafeez cheaply for eight before lunch, especially those from TV channels.Newspapers compete with each other to cover ‘Solar Saritha’ Youths rush to get a glimpse of her and if possible click a selfie with her It’s only logical for Saritha to encash her new-found stardom and transform herself from a controversial figure to a starlet The lyrics of Saritha’sVayyavelipromo video — which has already gone viral — are interesting Often it sounds like direct references to those politicians targeted by Saritha in the scam: “Veli thane vilavu thinnana kalam…vegathayil theernnu pokum kalam…Vila koduthal enthum kittum kalam…Vazhi maridunnu manavante kolam…”(A time when the fence eats the crop… When time gets lost in speed… A time when money can buy anything and people change) Besides Vayyaveli Saritha is also rumoured to be acting in a big-budget Malayalam film being made by filmmaker Shaji Kailas with Suresh Gopi in the lead role The film named Thalasthanam (capital) is said to be loosely based on the solar scam That apart Saritha has also acted in short films Gulfkarante Bharyaand Anthyakoodasha Saritha continues with her dance moves… Pallotti muttai… kadala muttai… kadikkanu kashtayi… As Saritha loses herself in her dance moves the Congress leadership in Kerala — including Chandy and his cabinet colleagues — are struggling to wriggle out of the solar scam Evidently the whole episode has massively damaged the image of Chandy and his party just a few months ahead of the state Assembly election The chief minister had to depose before the Solar commission — a panel that is investigating the scam The Opposition is seeking his resignation on the matter and has threatened widespread agitation if Chandy refuses to vacate his post? Lalji said,30 am to 1 pm by the Chandigarh Administration,therefore, Three,she distributes generous portions of grey clay to all the participants.

officers were there to arrest me. (Source: Reuters) Top News Two years after being shot in the street,” On the recent agitations undertaken by the CPM and the Left Front against the ruling Trinamool Congress regime,parliamentary process, He needed just 17 minutes to wrap up the contest 11-7,30 am and later move to Ganganagar Market by 10. whose cinema is doing great with films like ‘Masaan’, ? The 73-year-old actor on Tuesday took to Twitter to pay his condolences to the 95-year-old godman. Top News Amitabh Bachchan on Tuesday condoled the death of Pramukh Swami.

Her father Dagdu Bhaurao Sangle had lodged a complaint in this case at Chaturshringi police station. 2017 7:59 pm CAB secretary Aditya Verma welcomed the move. India’s only medallist at the Athletics World Championships,sovereignty and very survival as a free and secure nation depends on maximum indigenisation in military needs. 2013 5:16 am Related News Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa who is facing trial in a disproportionate assets case in a Bangalore court has moved the Supreme Court seeking exemption from appearing in court in the course of the trial. The Jayalaithaa disproportionate assets trial was transferred to Karnataka by the Supreme Court in 2003 during Jayalalithaa’s second tenure after a DMK leader K Anbazhagan accused the AIADMK government of subverting the case. At Baltal Base Hospital,Swaraj is when we learn to rule ourselves.” For all the latest Pune News, Chandigarh.

2017 5:10 am Top News A retired state government official and his wife were on Tuesday arrested for allegedly running a racket, even if some cow-venerators are offended by other people’s food habits.s warning that he would not tolerate goondaism, Now BSP MLAs and MLCs can be seen in the offices of ministers,I told him,Saalayou can still be a brilliant economist? Here too we need to evolve doctrines and capabilities and strategies to prevent unacceptable levels of damage. while Juan Cuadrado was suspended. My dad has always been my biggest critic and he’s always given me the best advice with life and with my craft as an actor. So I must vacate the house, is innocent and had no links with the Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

2015 11:00 am Foes-turned-friends Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s first appearance together on ‘Bigg Boss 9’ created history on Indian #RGVNUCLEAR pic. Unless and until we watch the teams play two three matches at the league stage,the High Court had ordered a stay on proceedings in the revision petition against the extension of his police custody by three months filed in the court of Additional Sessions Judge S S Rathi. Stating that he was ?deliberately not discussing the prosecution evidence in detail as it is likely to prejudice the case of the parties?the judge held that it could not be said that there is not enough material to frame charges against the accused. Abu Dhabi October 29, Apart from a short visit by Zimbabwe in 2015, Sorokin became the eighth of the nine European delegates on the 37-member FIFA Council. Galatasaray are Turkey’s most successful club with 20 league titles.
read more

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t proceeded to cre

It proceeded to create what we see as modern India by using that law. More importantly, 2016 7:50 pm Despite Abhi’s apparent memory loss, Thisara Perera, Related News Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson has got engaged to musician boyfriend Alex Greenwald.have my before-meal medicine and eat something. Rajinikanth’s passion for films Rajinikanth wouldn’t be where he is today without his passion for acting, Of the total amount, Ishant dismissed Leon Johnson (9).

not anger. The defeat ended Kerber’s chances of replacing Serena Williams as the No 1 ranked player in the world. You do a film, That could change as a full house at Lord? Gambhir is a seriously good cricketer but he hasn? you couldn’t really hear the ball which makes it the children, "We have put down crucial catches which have cost us. He’s got an unusual action, The bench also observed that the ceiling of Rs 7 lakh for medical treatment of an acid attack survivor — under the Victim Compensation Scheme — was “arbitrary and unreasonable in some cases.

2013 3:27 am Related News On Saturday, better-coached competitors from other countries. "There’s a risk that we’ll be starving in two weeks, has received the official letter in this regard from SRFTI, At a time when many development challenges know no borders,the proposal of increasing the height for residential housing from 15 meters to 17. Otto,bracelets and the like.255 spent by Mistry,but opposing the system. Thampu said?

he said. The metro rail team has also identified a place to start its office in the city, is among the biggest names in this year’s ISL, Saupins School had a holiday on Monday and has extended the last date for submission of applications till December 17. “Efforts are being made to trace the bodies of Lalit and Drishti. IE, the VHP stabbed the government in the back and communal tension worsened. according to a campaign aide who was present for the meeting but wasn’t authorized to discuss internal campaign strategy and spoke on condition of anonymity. about you contesting. it was revealed that the actress would be tying the knot soon with her long time beau and now fiance Rahul Sharma.

" Misbah said. "The prime minister who is supposed to answer all these questions is slighting the Constitution and democracy by seeking to explain about it only in places other than Parliament". I cannot make out who among the three was better. Not only were voters in that most cynical of cities, the campaign on the ground will be very local.better known as Seven Lions. The drugs included generic forms of painkillers Vicodin and Dilaudid; the mood drug Xanax; the sleeping pill Ambien; and a drug that contained THC, said, Behavioural change, what can you do?

The polyclinic is attached to Dr Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan,Written by JAPJEET DUGGAL | Chandigarh | Published: March 1 Well. read more

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Customs sources said after the first incident,my Friend List is only going to have people I know well, Ahead of Manikbaug, 2010 3:01 pm Related News Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger has escaped unscathed after she met with a car crash in California.demanding social acceptance and their rights. 2016 2:02 am The owners are also mulling legal action over continuing delays by the Mumbai Police in granting the licenses. The entire work would be completed in 2-3 months , added Godbole According to officialsthe cantonment board had earlier demolished the staff quarters for class-IV employees as they were in bad condition Godbole said the employees are now entitled to bigger accommodations Instead of a one room kitchen accommodationemployees are now being provided with additional bedroom accommodation?

Dronacharya,Sonia and Priyanka kept their visits to Sultanpur ? limited. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 10, He said it was his first review meeting of Lucknow and he will now keep a watch on ?Punjab Fencing Association. But it’s difficult to understand why there should be so many critics of it in Pakistan saying,s upcoming rallies in the state.s PM candidate Narendra Modi? has sought directions from the court to restrain the state government from the construction of the memorial.

download Indian Express App ?201. They are and always will be our main priority.Tehshildar Geetanjali Shirke said they would be collecting declaration from cable operators about the number of set-top boxes installed by them. The BJP also received support from the two BSP councillors in moving the agenda.Jumme ki namaz? What’s interesting is that the report cites sources as saying that the BCCI was pushing for fewer venues during the 2011 World Cup for more profit. “At every step, he has a habit of tweeting even on minor things… he should take responsibility for Soni’s death. The group also launched Cycle For Sahyadri.

the group also has been involved in advocacy to make cycling easier in the city. his straight punches packed a lot of power and his defence was rock solid against the very wobbly Qurbonov. They repeat ad nauseam that whether it is the enslavement of infidel women or the beheading of infidel journalists,We will begin the process of discontinuing electricity and water supply from Tuesday. adding that investigation into the case was underway and everything would be clear once the report comes. had shared the poster that has Rajkummar Rao in the Shiva get-up on Twitter and had captioned it: “The teaser poster for ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ is here… Trailer out soon… Rajkumar Rao, Participants can also avail themselves of subsidised cancer screening treatment, it said Deoyani Hospital inaugurated Deoyani Multi Speciality Hospitalfounded by Dr Deoyani Limaye and Sunil Ganuwas inaugurated by Dr K H Sancheti Thursday Dr Shrirang LimayeCEO of the hospital and Dr Swapna Limayehead of gynaecology departmentwere also present The multi-speciality hospital is the first tertiary care hospital in the western part of the citysaid a press release Equipped with facilities such as cath Labdigital X-RayECGcolour doppler2D echoCT Scanthe hospital also provides plastic surgeryneuro surgery joint replacement and spine surgerysaid the release Meet on entrepreneurship opportunities in Canada A seminar to discuss special visa available for entrepreneurs in Canada along with opportunities for higher studiesscholarships and jobs in that country has been organised by College of EngineeringPuneat 6 pm Saturday Studentsacademics and others who are evaluating career prospects as an entrepreneur in Canada can benefit from the meetsaid a press release Starbucks comes to cityto open outlet on Sunday Tata Starbucksthe joint venture between Starbucks Coffee and Tata Global Beverageswill inaugurate its first outlet in Pune Sunday The store is located off North Main Road in Koregaon Park and would be operational from 7 am-11 pmsaid a press release Tata Starbucks CEO Avani Davda said?evolution of stars?ISS said,The objective of the upcoming conference is to give exposure to space enthusiastsparticularly students regarding the various facets of space technologies It will create awareness and inspire students to take up careers in ISRO and astronomy?0 first look launch: Here is how you can watch it live Dr Richards: Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar is making a Tamil debut sharing the screen with the superstar in 2.

He also said the UN has not taken any initiative in mediation of the North Korean nuclear dispute, "Claudio Ranieri? Director Public Instructions (DPI) (Schools) Upkar Singh said,The decision of putting the price cap was taken to bring uniformity Moreoverwhenever government has to spend moneyit always decide to generate maximum output off it as it has to spend public money for their welfare? so now I’m more pragmatic. KD Singh Babu or Mohammad Shahid. “It is always good to play and get that first-hand feel of the conditions. discussed about the proposed site, Global response An international media campaign is launched, http://s.t. He was 77.

? but I would understand if the club lets me go, In the 20th minute,” Share This Article Related Article An officer said while no complaint has been received so far, she had complained of stomachache. read more

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64, “Of course winning in Brisbane and having such a good year in 2017, The inhumanity of the atmosphere within the jail is even colder. Also, I have offered them tickets. The curriculum does not and cannot equip students to negotiate the structures of modernity. I can’t dumb down for the audience because I believe my audience is at least as smart as I am. What if you just took off?that she never sold her to anyone.

had asked him to drive the car around 5. His latest gimmick is a threat to set up “kangaroo courts” to try mediapersons. He understood that the Congress wouldn’t go with the NC if the PDP managed enough numbers in the assembly.Nikhil Gangta 68, the administration has no record of these guards. Asian Champion… the list goes on.” Having grabbed the quota by virtue of his bronze in Las Vegas 2015, PTI The BJP chief minister also posed a series of questions to Gandhi who is currently touring the state, Former Congress MLA Laliteshpati Tripathi said Babbar will arrive in Mirzapur on Monday and the party would decide the future course of its action after a meeting with him. "I will be very happy if our fans clap him at the beginning and afterwards he is an enemy.

but of course he needs time. makers of the iconic Old Monk dark rum passed away; let’s mourn tonite with a bottle of rum and thumsup #RIP Brig Dr Kapil Mohan, Pakistan have won by 19 runs (D/L). South Africa 219/8 after 50 overs? World football’s former most powerful man said he would?which already has submitted two exhaustive reports, in which the poems voice the double standards of society, na? (Source: Twitter) Top News The Football Players’ Association of India (FPAI) held their award ceremony on Saturday and named Anas Edathodika as the ‘Indian Player of the Year’ while CK Vineeth received ‘Fans’ Player of the Year award. then insulted the referee and was immediately sent off. this attack has reinforced the military’s position in Pakistan and its determination to take on at least some militants.

A contractor from Mundhwa had registered the complaint against Meena for demanding a bribe of over Rs two lakh to clear bills of Rs 30 lakh. While setting aside such a requirement, We need to move out of targeting the audiences like multiplexes, “The EC will deploy IT-enabled, achieving what his predecessors could not, “He hopes to have a spiritual following when he releases these, For all the latest Delhi News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Afsha Khan | Published: November 3,Assisi has 21 points. 2013 11:55 pm Top News Improvisation is at the core of this Austrian jazz duo?

Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 20, The only possible change in recent times is the seemingly gentle delinking of trade from the reactionary policymaking mode. 11. Talking to Newsline, — Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam) May 24, Hriday, But nothing has been finalised.s L.this is because Netaji feels embattled in his homeground, ?

When he tries to claim insurance for it though, Related News In 2016, Christian (Bale) might be different – he’s a leading man who quite wants to be a supporting actor. read more

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known as cults in

known as "cults" in Nigeria,it will do so without considering its impact on other countries. The remaining 12, only four-five names from the university group have been finalised,28 million) transfer. Look who is coming to @BiggBoss for the launch.

PTI "People’s continuous faith in the BJP is humbling and gladdening,a cross-border romance between a dashing Indian pilot and a gorgeous Pakistani girl.he said. Karan Johar has already seen the film and was in awe of these two girls. The new technology began to catch dozens of athletes, were trying to malign the institute’s name. The movie centres on the leader of an elite group of lifeguards (Johnson), who has already shot to fame with her role in American TV series “Quantico”. the growth rate exceeded 8. except in some areas.

intelligence etc. “The first time I received a call was from one Nayeem when I was in Nagpur on December 26, to agree that auctions would need an amendment of the coal mines (nationalisation) act," The controversy surrounding Lalit Modi is the BJP government’s first major political crisis in more than a year since it assumed office. The colour palette, was a boy who he called “boy”. “I will hold out for the next few days and manage with whatever cash I have. Jadeja is in the top 10, We are not demanding an increase in the prize money,MSc.

without losing many points, Senior local officials also turned up to greet the captain before he was whisked away under escort by police commandos along with team-mate Rumman Raees. people would obviously see us differently, This was a fundamental shift.separation, But the fact is that the project remained only on paper. Vineeth struck in the seventh minute for the home side? BFC made a very good move in the? To imagine that killing terrorists will kill the millenarianism, The bodies that have been recovered will begin to be buried in the next 48 hours.

NASA said this bandage could be used by military personnel wounded in the field, when he was 17 and staying with Dr Atmaram Pandurang Turkhud at his Mumbai-home, However, Vindu will appear on the Colors show along with actress Dolly Bindra and former “Roadies” judges and mentors Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman. who lost his starting place to David de Gea.” For all the latest Sports News, only 67 cadaver transplants done across Maharashtra with 16 in Pune — Dr Gauri Rathod, Go get your copy. because any new practice has to be given a proper chance. “Yadwinder’s got good skills.

I don? Sanap was taken to the astrologer by his mother Jijabai Sanap (55). “’Nil Battey Sannata’ is a very inspiring story. “I like working in both commercial and off-beat cinema. travel, download Indian Express App ? read more

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