Join the details of turtle pie

last 2016 in a relatively popular word is "artisan spirit" regardless of which industry practitioners should uphold an artisan spirit to run their own life or career. The development of the economy to social division of labor is getting smaller, more and more emphasis on social artisan spirit, so no matter what if professional, pie is the same, only the professional person or institution will be made out of the pie pie is delicious, turtles a professional pastry machine structure, the pie is delicious, is currently in rapid development, so how to join the

turtle pie?

joined the turtle pie? What conditions do you need? How to join? See the following details:

pie turtles joining conditions:

1, honest and good interpersonal skills

2, able to bear hardships and stand hard work and a good attitude

3, dedicated to the development of this industry

4, fully understand and highly recognized brand management idea and the turtle pie mode of operation

5, have a certain economic strength and business, management, coordination ability

6, any investment risks, investment risk awareness

joined the site requirements:

turtle pie

1, a district located in the quasi point (only Shandong province), the street door, a conspicuous, and the door of previous flow;

2., a building area of about 500 square, a minimum depth of 15 meters, the minimum width of 12 meters (currently the main consideration of single floor or first floor with two floor, the economically developed city can be considered pure two buildings, but there must be independent stairs, not to consider the other floors and delicacy Square);

3, have smoke (not located in residential buildings under) and sewage conditions (the need for independent oil separation tank and septic tanks);

4, power supply can reach 170KW;

5, with fire facilities and fire exits, and can meet the fire requirements;

6, awareness of the risks of catering business, and liquidity can reach more than 2 million;

7, identity management and the management of the turtles, turtles are willing to join the big family of the pie, but do not participate in the operation and management of the restaurant;

turtle pie > join flow

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