Chen Yu now the new three board like 2011 gem

, a senior investors believe is very thorough understanding of the stock market for the new board, the new board is the latest moment of concern. Here, take a look at a senior investors for the analysis of the new board!


"gem to Budie, the trend has come out, this shows that money withdrawal, but sooner or later will be back." Chen Yu said that the gem will drive the entire valuation of the return, but during the motherboard will be more fierce resistance. Based on this judgment, Chen Yu recently selected low positions waiting for an opportunity.

"farmer" Chen Yu was at the beginning of the new year in micro-blog to write a paragraph, "after the 2015 disaster type rise and fall, we saw a hitherto unknown hope. Reform of the supply side of the stock market finally started."

three promising new strategy

the old stock Chen Yu in recent years began to embrace the new board. Three new board to increase the effective supply of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, while the surge in supply, leading to no matter which investment institutions can not be fully covered, there is always missing gold, the price of sand to sell. We think the new board is really cheap." Chen Yu said. He said that they have invested a household electricity supplier, there are several Internet companies in the project negotiations.

"we choose standard very harsh: first, lock industry have relatively large prospects; second, the new three innovative enterprise management ability, more important, we must recognize the management team; third, the most important is to have enough cheap price and margin of safety."

Chen Yu appears in this recommendation

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