80 online shoe store opened to sell two million years of entrepreneurship

Good time Taobao

business has been in the past, but as long as you find the right source, careful management, can open up a new path of entrepreneurship in Taobao industry, and this two 80 is to succeed.

What makes

the first list waiting for a week

I Zhejiang Lishui, 2005 to Wuxi, in the temple of the Mingdian shoes work. I knew Li Guofeng at that time, he was from Yancheng. Because I was a "moonlight clan", for some time that the economy a little embarrassed, so plan to change jobs.

in the meantime, I have been to Changzhou, open a shop, did the network art, but not too successful. By the end of 2008, I went to Wenzhou, where a shoe company to do market research, began to familiar with the shoes, after a period of time and even start their own design. I think this line is familiar with the idea of creating their own shop.

but Wuxi Temple store rents are too expensive, I still want to go from the shop. I called Li Guofeng, because he had opened his own shop, selling children’s clothing. He readily agreed, it opened.

actually open shop and as simple as we think, think now, than to open the store but also hard. For example, take product photos, I did not leave the house for three days and nights, basically no sleep. So Li Guofeng and I probably got together for more than a week and finally opened the shop.

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