What are the marketing skills to open a beverage shop

no matter how good the product, if you do not know how to sell, such products will only cause a waste of a pity. So, if you want to successfully open a shop, you need to master more marketing skills. Especially in the current fierce competition in the society, a variety of marketing skills should grasp. So, what are the marketing skills to open a home shop?

you want to learn marketing from two channels, one is you know indeed by good people earn money marketing experience, two is really classic allow you to learn the book, not a bunch of seemingly very many words to say in terms of foot and didn’t say like that book. I think I recommend two books written by Roger · every phrase a gem, the advantage of negotiation and the absolute turnover of dawson. There are several of Wang Qiang’s book is based on his own experience to write war novels, dry cargo lot, loop trilogy written particularly well, Du Lala left eighteen shop.

When reading

must combine themselves are now engaged in the industry thinking, to see if there is no can be directly used on things, don’t read read hastily and without thinking even finished, mastery can be used in your real life, even just a little bit, is also very great.

is a small business, a beverage shop open, but in fact the depth of which also have a brilliant future. Your marketing experience and inspiration from others to you through the marketing books, but also from the thinking in your daily life.

I’ll bartend, but I will not play the kind of cool handsome bartender tricks, in fact I tune out the cocktail bar than a lot of good taste, but the bar bartender would rather take some time, also full of tricks, this is not to look cool, but in order to meet the customer’s psychological expectations, because for many bars it is a wine performance value, customers love, looked after he will feel the hands of cocktails are more worth the money.


technique is applied to ordinary drinks industry, your best operating space is the two part, one part is closed or semi closed, not suitable for customers to see and equipment hidden, such as refrigerator buy second-hand ugly, for example by adding fresh natural puree into fresh flesh fruit juice.

customer mentality is not rational, although with the new added to pulp puree Fresh Juice taste better, better taste, lower cost, is a win-win approach, but they will believe that pure fruit drink made the most delicious, nutritious, and don’t try to explain, the best way is hidden.

The other part of the

is open, the bar to do a little short, too high bar will hinder the customer and your desire to communicate, but also does not help me to say this skill, dazzle.


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