Ba Zhuang hot pot

food culture characteristics highlight areas of civilization, good taste, authentic taste of the food will never be eliminated, embody Sichuan Ba Zhuang Hot pot culture at the same time make you feel Pakistan’s sons and daughters of the bold and unconstrained nature.

Ba Zhuang Hot pot reflects Sichuan, culture, with authentic taste, the delicacy captured the heart of fans! It has become famous for its "flavor of food, hemp, spicy, hot flavor, shows the Pakistani children bold personality, become a symbol of Chongqing food culture the chain store is the mountain, striking a beautiful scenery line, is a mountain.

Ba Zhuang hot pot, with a strong brand strength, the development of their cause. Now take a solid pace, develop steadily in the market competition; through continuous learning and exploration, innovation and growth, the implementation of new management ideas, create a teaching enterprise, providing the natural taste and passion of Chongqing happy experience for the majority of consumers Hot pot family dinners. Ba Zhuang hot pot franchise stores will be opened in China, in the future market competition in the development and growth!

Ba Zhuang hot pot fee how much

first, join the cost schedule

A, joining the traditional mode: Note: franchisee renew the company will carry out the comprehensive evaluation according to the inspection record, store operations, and the company with the degree, according to the evaluation results given the franchise rating class A, class B, class C.

class a franchise stores when the contract fee of 60%; B class stores to join the contract when the franchise fee of; C franchise renewal fee does not give any concessions.

(below the C level no longer renew, adhere to the core principles of like-minded family)

B, the whole store output mode: (above the county level market by the whole store output mode execution)

1), the whole store output model, the company led by the store preparation, in addition to the normal collection of fees associated with the addition of 50 yuan per square meter, according to the drawing area of the preparatory commission.

2), the advantages of the whole store output: (1) the professional team to create the store image, enhance the quality of the store; (2) to protect the interests of franchisees, reduce the risk of franchisee investment.

3), the entire shop output charging mode: Pakistan Zhuang output of the entire shop 1000 square meters model shop preparatory expenses list

note: A, above the cost does not include: A, the initial rent and deposit; B, the first three months of wages; C, employee dormitory preparation fee; D, gas >

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