Alternative path for college graduates teach people to love income is not cheap

"single tide hit, most people think it is only a kind of social phenomenon, and a graduate of the University of Chongqing has seen the opportunities, by virtue of their entrepreneurial thinking out of the ordinary, to teach people love to do.

2014 in August, a Chongqing coffee shop, Zhou Zinan is to the new class: "why don’t you love each other?" under the students shook my head.

love smell business opportunities

2013 summer vacation, Zhou Zinan, as usual, came to the girl’s bedroom door waiting for her to eat. Happy Zhou Zinan has just bought two pieces of fresh flower rose to give my girlfriend a surprise.

30, girlfriend just slowly walked downstairs "Zi Nan, we break up, I have security research, and your poor grades, I hope to see you." Zhou Zinan’s heart was like a knife inserted, he exhausted the last effort to say a "good", flew back to the bedroom, the newly bought roses scattered on the ground.

if know girls have such as dating platform to manage that emotional problems basically are friends "do", few have specialized in this line, and this group of "fellow sufferers" is actually very willing to invest money to buy books to learn, but did not consult a professional habit.

1 million a year to seize opportunities


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