Own shop to open their own characteristics

when you’re just starting a store, or a store that you want to introduce new products, it’s best to avoid what is currently in fashion to reduce the risk. Since to explore possible stars of tomorrow, even has fever goods, to inject new life, it is a good idea.

in vision of the shop, please think about the following problems of entrepreneurs. These questions help operators to understand the planned investment projects from another perspective: how much money can I make?   how do I like to live with my family?   how big is my business?   how are my personality and values embodied in the business? With the above understanding, then we will create the store’s five key features sorted out.

1. only this one no branches, somewhere else to buy (eat) less than what


engraved name. General service does not matter, as long as there is no peer   competition can be.

3. shop to see what

4. only we can do things like pottery, />

5. is only here to touch people

create shop atmosphere shop atmosphere directly reflects your personality.   if you are a lively and cheerful person, your shop will give a lively and clear feeling.   if you are a sincere and honest person, your shop looks sincere. On the contrary, the person who is melancholy, the shop also looks full of gray color. If it is a cunning shopkeeper, the store will not be able to produce a sense of trust.   of course, if the original storefront decoration to clear and comfortable feeling, so even if you are a niche, not scare guests. People may be " not really "; " cunning " et al, but to " melancholy "; " Park >

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