Now is the best time to return to business

people used to say that the foreign moon round, and now with the improvement of China’s comprehensive strength, more and more people are confident that the country’s moon is also the same circle. Chinese people’s confidence in consumption is also rising, the domestic market is optimistic about the international community, returning home entrepreneurs are more and more.

for Zhou Hao, home business like "pulled out a thorn in the heart". Although it has been sitting on the Barclays Bank vice president of the global elite center position, stable and comfortable living abroad, but he did not love the "working day", because "there is always a screw feeling", so he decided to return home to join the entrepreneurial torrent.

like Zhou Hao as the pursuit of "more and more people a real sense of achievement". The Ministry of Education released data show that since the reform and opening up to 2014, our country abroad a total of 3 million 518 thousand and 400, a total of 1 million 809 thousand and 600 personnel returning. In 2014, the total number of returned overseas students was 364 thousand and 800.

in return of overseas students, business or to join the venture company has gradually become the trend. According to a survey of students and returnees China Youth Daily co conducted by Zhaopin, when asked to choose occupation overseas talent, as many as 54% of respondents answered "do poineering work".

back now is the best time of

"entrepreneurial opportunity can not predict, but be prepared to do home earlier." Zhou Hao returned in 2012, many people around the opposition, the reason is "domestic financial and entrepreneurial atmosphere is not up". Who did not expect, in 2013 the balance of treasure suddenly detonated Internet banking, in 2014 the state introduced a series of policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial boom in full swing. His quantitative school came into being, to help individuals and small and micro enterprises to obtain low-cost loans quickly, attracting a lot of young people from large companies to switch to the start-up company.

"the degree of internationalization of local talent is increasing, the advantage of returnees in this area are gradually reduced, however, more domestic business opportunities, now is the best time to come back." "I post it real fund manager Liu Yuan in an Chinese Youth Daily reporter said that some domestic entrepreneurs have international vision and knowledge, English is very good, the foreign situation is very familiar with. But in many years of foreign people do not know the domestic business has been so hot, entrepreneurs have been so good, some of the O2 recommended

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