What are the catchy name brand cosmetics

cosmetics is now almost every woman has the necessary products, coupled with the broad market, which attracted numerous investors. But if you want to do cosmetics business, not only need to have a good product, but also need a catchy brand name. So, what are the catchy cosmetics brand name?


Liang di



Tai Fu

superior MOE

Zi Tang

show where


Fei song

star princess

Qian fashion





Levin Keith

thousand Song Square

fifth season

incense source

Name: Mystery mining

Description: beautiful mystery glow.

Name: Mystery of beauty

Description: Beauty mystery, mask color.

Name: run west

Description: moisturizing skin care beauty beauty.

Name: Dutch

Description: pine, youth resident; lotus, pure, natural, bright.

Name: Dutch porcelain

Description: Dutch, pure, natural, bright; porcelain, smooth, beautiful.

Name: bluegrass

Description: Wo, natural, vitality; Ji, beautiful and moving.

Name: Ba Er


Description: Pattaya, highlighting the natural beauty, charm, meaning; make you more attractive.

Name: Ya

Description: Ya, moral quality, moral perfection is well-known, far and near.

Name: Jing Mei

Description: cyanine, meaning the eclectic, sunshine vitality; beauty, moral witness beautiful miracle.



Description: Yipo, meaning to your natural beauty of holiness; leno, commitment.


slave Jiao Qiao

: pretty, pretty extraordinary meaning; slave Jiao, first highlight the pinyun.

Name: Mei Hwan odd season

Description: Shine beauty, beauty Huanran; odd season highlight.

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