Fashion concept to open the popular market cheongsam

cheongsam has been the most representative of the Chinese women’s clothing, its market potential is self-evident. In 1996, Zhang Huixia will fashion cheongsam concept brought to Guangzhou, opened a shop named after his own name, and now has a reputation in Guangzhou, cheongsam business more and more prosperous.


was still reading, there is one thing that made a strong impression on her. In early 90, she came to Guangzhou relatives play, relatives and neighbors want to find someone to do the coat, but failed to get a tailor, finally she made a. It is very common to make clothes in her hometown, Guangzhou’s economy is developed, but how can we not find a tailor? This caused Zhang Huixia’s thinking.

the beginning because there is no fame, Zhang Huixia did not sell cheongsam shop, all income is to rely on to help people change clothes, trousers. But when she was walking in the street wearing a cheongsam of her own, she was often asked, "where did you get the dress?"…… Is this, after her dress business gradually opened up the situation, and as her hair, sparks of fire. "

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