At the 2015 summer stall skill teaching

summer, and in the evening the best time to start the night market, many small entrepreneurs have begun to stall. Business owners if done well, a lot of profits, so like how to be successful?

1: to spread the goods, product novelty, difference and similar baidenan products;

2, supply: as far as possible from the manufacturer to take goods in large quantities, quality assurance, the price is still low, cheap and fine is the key to attract eyeballs;

3, stock, and manufacturers will bargain purchase, accumulation of experience, much to the wholesale market around, natural style influenced by


4, a wholesale fashion products: take a shelf, to the pedestrian street, the night market to sell, the profit of at least 1 times, the premise is to choose clothes, exquisitely carved will sell;

5, the small accessories: must fashionable bags must be beautiful fashion, even if it is not too high-end jewelry, small package you will make people feel more


6, select some novelty, clothing, footwear, accessories and toys;

7, good observation: Observation of those who are young people, old people, lovers, friends, friends, children, and so on, what is interested in;

8, a street vendor selling shoes: shoes sell, or sell authentic guaranteed shoes, the price is not expensive, absolutely attract customers; or to sell that canvas shoes, 20 – 25 yuan a pair, where to put, throw off the arm open voice, shout, will attract a beautiful girl in droves over them;

9, summer selling 2 yuan small ornaments or cosmetics very hot;

10, sales: to spread the goods more than the fight is the actual cost of sales is the added value, let the customer feel buy value, earn big all-match: a dress, a dress four mix, stall owner of course need a little clothing collocation;

11, a set of good sales methods: or call "clearance sale" signs, or is the main season sales of the products, or to play "store demolition gimmick, or" refused to profits, the lowest price "eye-catching signs, or their own homegrown clothes in a word, idea, with your big voice, with your enthusiasm, give full play to your clever mind, sell;

12, a street vendor selling skills: puerile, and do not store, but the quality of the goods must not be too lower than the market;

13, a street vendor selling: sell a product line;

14, sales skills: to feel happiness within, like singing, in which nature can attract people, not too, not too much force, to attract passersby over bargain with you, people have recommended curiosity

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