Car beauty shop called Chechen fit

one to listen, and to make the names more innovative, three is to allow customers to remember, so the store will eat a variety of methods in the name it, just for a good name. However, despite the many name meaning good, but really appropriate? For example, the car beauty shop named Chechen fit?

A car beauty shop

Chongqing Shapingba College Road, even for their own car beauty shop named "chechen"! Yesterday, the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce registration staff received a report that: the name of the shop does not meet the specification, should be corrected or banned.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the car beauty shop, in the shop above the door signs, clearly marked the Chechen auto beauty decoration line several characters.

for this name, a Mr. Zhang pointed out that this name always give a person feel uncomfortable feeling. He said, because often read the news, know "Chechnya", always think of turbulence and terror! When reporters came to the store, a store staff explained to reporters, "Chechnya said they do as the servants of the same service for car owners, to allow owners satisfied.

If you are familiar with

on "Chechnya" two words, you should know that this is not just two words, can not be like the kind of understanding that the simple beauty shop owner, this is the name of a country, once more because of the "Chechen War" which caused the attention of the outside world, because of this, the name it is reported, will not meet the specification.

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