Fuzhou college graduates can enjoy 5000 yuan subsidy for the first time

in order to protect more graduates embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and now all over the country will have a very favorable policy support. And this year, up to 92 thousand people in Fuzhou University graduates, plus the rest of the graduate students in Colleges and universities in Fuzhou, the total number will reach an all-time high. The reporter learned yesterday, the Fuzhou municipal government recently issued the "notice" on the good employment of college graduates in 2016, to promote the employment of University students.

notice clearly, the implementation of the entrepreneurial action plan to boost Fuzhou". For the first time college graduates entrepreneurship, receive a business license or other business qualifications, and the normal tax business more than 6 months, by the local business tax (city) district government to give a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan opened.

Colleges (including technical college) students and graduates graduated 5 years of renting business premises, enjoy the longest 2 years, not more than 50%, the highest annual rent of 3000 yuan rent subsidies. In accordance with the conditions of urban and rural workers, to participate in business training to obtain a certificate of training, given no more than 1000 yuan / person standard subsidies. Annual review of 100 outstanding entrepreneurial projects and give a support of 30 thousand ~10 million.

city will also organize 1500 college graduates to participate in employment internship activities (usually for a period of three months), according to the minimum wage in Fuzhou during the probationary period to provide living allowance, and apply for personal accident insurance. On the expiration of graduates retention rate of more than 50% units, according to the number of retained, to probation subsidy according to the minimum wage in Fuzhou two times.

How to

the government’s support for local business development will have a very large influence, especially for college graduates, because of this, Fuzhou under such support, I believe it will make the local college graduates entrepreneurship development has a great promotion, in order to ease the employment problem of College graduates.

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