How to control the unreasonable increase of medical expenses in Henan

although the government gave people a lot of security, so that people in the life, the sick can see a doctor, timely treatment. However, some of the criminals, always in the drill loopholes, unreasonable growth of medical expenses, resulting in a lot of people still sick sick look, didn’t look at the situation. So, how to control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses in Henan?

provincial health reform office, Wei planning, development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, the office of human resources and traditional Chinese medicine administration recently jointly issued the "implementation plan of Henan province to control medical expenses of public hospitals is not reasonable growth" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), proposed to regulate the medical personnel behavior, strengthen internal management and other medical institutions 8 requirements.

"plan" put forward the cost control period of 2016, the province’s medical cost growth rate at around 8%, the public hospital medical expenses monitoring system has been initially established, the unreasonable growth of medical expenses has been controlled public hospital outpatient and inpatient medical expenses are in decline.

[new regulations 1]

is strictly prohibited to medical staff

fixed income index


to take what kind of clinical pathway for diagnosis and treatment, directly related to our people (603883, stock it) money bag.

"plan" put forward in the standardization of medical personnel behavior, we should vigorously promote the clinical path management, take the prescription of the negative list management, the implementation of prescription use of antibiotics, adjuvant, consumables management system; strengthen the supervision of rational use of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine prescription to establish special review system; strictly set revenue targets for medical personnel, supplies, drugs, diagnosis and treatment of large medical equipment and inspection business income of medical staff and hospital shall pay individual.

"program" also put forward the phased goal of this measure, that is, in 2016 the county (city) two hospitals in the implementation of clinical pathway management cases reached more than 50% of the number of cases, more than two hospitals in the city reached more than.

[new regulations 2]

to increase the basic drug

usage ratio

another is directly related to our people money bag is the use of drugs.

"plan" to "reduce supplies to virtual high drug price" for measures to encourage public hospital comprehensive reform pilot city organization within the jurisdiction of the public hospital, in the centralized procurement platform joint procurement by the provincial drug, quantity and price of hanging recommended

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