Qinghai Province the full use of the new disabled military card

province of the new type of disabled military license renewal work has been fully completed, since January 1st this year to enable the new card, the old card at the same time void. The new certificate of authenticity, by the Ministry of Civil Affairs military disability certificate special verification terminal card reading device for networking verification, real-time query disabled soldiers name, two generation ID number etc.. In case of a dispute over the use of a disabled serviceman certificate by a disabled serviceman, the results of the investigation shall be subject to the approval of the civil affairs system. The new card has the following characteristics:

is a significant difference between old and new military disability certificate cover certificate, the new certificate of cover in cover is in the center, located between the "People’s Republic of China" and "military disability certificate", the old card cover emblem is located in the "People’s Republic of China military disability certificate" on the party; new card size is still consistent with the old 120mm, 85mm× card.

two is a new card number changed to 9, 2 to first of them for Chinese characters, Qinghai Province, referred to as "green", second for the disabled category, disabled soldiers "army", the third letter, this letter on behalf of the city (by the provinces in the special care information management system by setting module numbering prefix one-time after 6 digits by default), this information management system according to the number of rule generation.

three is a new card using the recent passport size two inch white color photos, by the approval authority unified with the stamp, and in the "approval authority" stamped with the same seal seal (dedicated seal special).

four is a new military disability certificate page paper with 120 grams of holographic magnetic window safety line, cover the central embedded installation of the People’s Republic of China military disability certificate RFID proprietary authentication chip, the new card back below and posted a Railpass label.

The use of the new

card, not only brings convenience to disabled soldiers, but also to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of disabled soldiers. At the same time, but also to facilitate the relevant departments, to avoid the possible controversy in the verification process.


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