Qinghai Normal University and Menyuan County Primary and middle school and signed the three in one a

In March 25th, the Qinghai Normal University and the county government and county Menyuan Hui Autonomous schools (kindergarten) "three-in-one agreement" signed in the collaborative development of Menyuan conference center. This marks the three party collaborative innovation basic education teacher training, precision services, the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas of educational development action officially launched.Signed a cooperation agreement with Qinghai Normal University

Menyuan County, based on the reality of the development of basic education in agricultural and pastoral areas in our province, clear in the "13th Five-Year" period, to build three "interactive training Consortium" as the basis, to develop educational development strategy and planning and the construction of teacher education reform test base, system training to enhance the school gate County in Menyuan County helping (kindergarten) teacher education teaching level, to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of education, precise poverty alleviation, and determine the corresponding Qinghai Normal University, Menyuan County Government and county schools (kindergarten) joint mission, training personnel in outstanding teacher education of teachers’ professional growth and development of basic education and specific responsibilities the.

of the Qinghai Normal University hope fruit and concrete result in the future three party cooperation, gradually to the normal university and the local government, schools (kindergarten) "three-in-one" mode of cooperation extended to the agricultural and pastoral areas of primary and secondary schools in Qinghai county (kindergarten), primary schools and kindergartens in our province to promote the teaching level and quality has improved significantly and the improvement in the "13th Five-Year" period, in order to speed up the implementation of the province to make a positive contribution to "poverty alleviation" target.

in the afternoon, the Provincial Department of education, Qinghai Normal University, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Menyuan County Study Group and his party visited West Menyuan County experiment, part of the kindergarten, visited Qinghai Normal University in 2015 has started the "three-in-one" collaborative culture — "the province’s rural preschool teachers to improve the quality of project implementation. The children can also be witnessed in agricultural and pastoral areas to enjoy the same quality of preschool education and the city, feel a year to Qinghai Normal University to carry out the teaching reform of preschool education, let the children in Menyuan spirit and ability to accept, the expression level of the gratifying changes.


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