Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau of the joint enterprise to carry out poverty alleviatio

recently, Amway Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau (Chinese) Commodity Co., Ltd. Qinghai branch with carefully prepared for winter clothing, sports equipment, stationery and other gifts, arrived in Datong County to Tibetan village Xiang Li Shu Er "warm winter — to help the poor student warmth activities.

Datong to Qinghai Tibetan township is located in mountainous region, less arable land, climate, crops ten years nine disaster, Datong County is a poor township". 2009, the township has become the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce targeted aid, the City Administration for Industry and Commerce leaders have repeatedly to understand the actual difficulties of the township, carry out activities to help.

activity after the ceremony, Xining city staff and volunteers with Amway Industrial and Commercial Bureau left-behind children together to play together, interact, share happiness. Many students have said that they will use excellent academic achievement to thank and return to the community to help. (author: Hao Xingming)


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