Xining this year nearly 10 billion yuan of financial expenditure for the livelihood of the people

rural reconstruction subsidies increased to 2000 yuan, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance unified standard has been raised to 470 yuan, this year, Xining city finance actively promote the equalization of basic public services, the full implementation of the policy, and effectively enhance the well-being of the people, to the present for people’s livelihood spending reached nearly 10 billion yuan, accounting for financial expenditure more than 80%.

this year, city financial investment 2 billion 130 million yuan, guarantee the priority of education development, including the support of education layout adjustment, standardization of school construction, the implementation of compulsory education to improve student nutrition programs, boarders living allowance policy and school education, students loans; invested 1 billion 390 million yuan, to speed up the development of modern agricultural production and high standards of solar energy greenhouses and livestock shed, milk base construction; invested 1 billion 290 million yuan to support entrepreneurship, to support the construction of business incubator; invested 1 billion 60 million yuan, effectively implement the "insurance for urban and rural residents, urban residents medical insurance and NRCMS from 380 yuan to 420 yuan before the unified standard to raise 470 yuan etc.. In addition, the city’s traffic flow project, water into the city and other livelihood projects have increased investment.

to the present, the city has invested 230 million yuan of finance, accelerate the pace of the city’s affordable housing construction. From this year, the reconstruction of financial subsidies by 20 thousand yuan per household increased to 22 thousand yuan, rural housing subsidies reward increased from 14 thousand yuan to 18 thousand yuan; city shantytowns transformation of financial subsidy by the average 11 thousand and 200 yuan to 23 thousand yuan per household, to further enhance the whole people’s living level. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

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