Strengthen the management of commonly used low price drugs procurement

Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission to take measures to do a good job in the province of commonly used drugs procurement management. Commonly used in low-cost drug procurement management work is as follows: the introduction of drugs into the country and the province’s list of low-cost drugs classified procurement. Encourage innovation and explore effective ways and means to ensure the supply of low-cost drugs. IPPF health administrative departments at all levels to fully play a coordinating role in the organization and bulk purchasing advantages, explore the hospital and primary drug procurement linkage, to ensure supply for the city (state) units to implement regional medical institutions or medical conjoined joint procurement management; improved management of drug prices low, included in the national and provincial list of low-cost drugs and drug. Cancel for each specific breed developed with the highest retail price, the average daily cost of a standard (Western medicine does not exceed $3, Chinese medicine does not exceed 5 yuan), the production operators according to pharmaceutical production costs and market supply and demand situation independently develop or adjust the price; improve the use of policy. The provincial government to do the basic medical and health institutions adhere to the basic drug list in a reasonable selection of equipment and the use of drugs, basic drugs should not be less than 80% of the total amount of drug use. Clear requirements of all types of medical institutions at all levels are fully equipped with priority and use of basic drugs, the use of basic drugs in two medical institutions is not less than the total amount of drugs used in the amount of 50%, the level of medical institutions not less than 25%-30%. Two medical institutions, government offices and non government run primary health care institutions to implement the use of non essential drugs on the strict implementation of online centralized procurement, the implementation of zero rate sales, the implementation of the current medical reimbursement policy.  

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