The weather in Xining is mainly to see the blue sky with no dust temperament after the winter day

When the northern haze raging, living in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in Xining, every day there are blue sky and white clouds. December 12th, 13 consecutive snow, more winter Xining bring fresh air. It is worth mentioning that this year with the air pollution in Xining depth implementation, after the winter, no dust weather in Xining.

winter no dust days

"clean coal gas project is nearing completion

"Xining annual total coal consumption of about 7 million tons, and the" three major power plants’ coal consumption accounted for 5 million tons." Dong Xiaoning said that although the three major power plants from Xining chase a distance, but the use of coal caused by environmental pollution is more obvious. The analysis results of the sources of particulate matter in Xining show that the contribution of coal dust to the environment is second.

in the regionalization of Xining city;

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