North to take the green belt

Even Japan, north area in accordance with the activities of environmental remediation requirements, spent great efforts to clear the area of the main road green belt of garbage, and upgrade the road on both sides of the green belt, with practical action to dress up the city environment.It is reported that

do green belt cleaning work at the same time, also on the part of the road area of the green belt to enhance the transformation, in Nanjing Road, Lake Avenue, Chaoyang Plaza Road planting more than 10000 landscape trees, fences and other public facilities maintenance 1300 meters, let clean green belt dress city environment. At the same time, the Ning Road, Bridge Street, Tianjin Road, Qilian Road, sea lake bridge exchange Island green spray dust, 6697 tons of water, parks, green spring irrigation of 165950 square meters. In order to avoid the Sea Lake Road, Ning Road, Chaoyang Road water overflow, cause two pollution, removal of excess earth 376 cubic.  

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