5 units have been named as the cultural and cultural positions in Qinghai demonstration

through field investigation, comprehensive assessment, recently, Xining Wuyi Culture Palace, Jianzha County Workers Cultural Palace, Ledu District workers club, Chinese Chalco Qinghai branch, Xining Cultural Palace of the prison police training center and other 5 units, was named as the "Provincial Federation of trade unions of Qinghai province in 2016 the cultural position and demonstration". For each unit of 50 thousand yuan of funds to support.

Provincial Federation of trade unions want to be named unit cherish honor their achievement and make persistent efforts to further optimize the cultural function, play the role of cultural fronts, shaping the cultural brand, and strive to create cultural workers knowledge talent, showcase style, pool the wisdom, to enhance the development of platform. At the same time, the province’s trade unions at all levels should be named unit as an example, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, grassroots oriented employees, increase investment, and actively carry out cultural demonstration activities to create a rich and the workers to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs, make more contribution to promote the cultural construction workers across the province.


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