Datong county government enterprises build a model village activities with remarkable results

Datong to push forward "military enterprises build a model village" as the priority among priorities of the new rural construction, innovative methods of work, and actively take effective measures to create a new model of building activities, good practice activities to build up, "military enterprises build a model village" activities into the masses satisfaction project.

first, the basic situation of

20 towns and 289 villages of

in Datong County, "military enterprises build a model village campaign involving 13 towns and 46 villages in 17543 households, 74968 people, 12 city leaders, 25 county leaders, 29 municipal departments and units, 19 enterprises, 38 City tube county departments, 35 enterprises in the county, 1 police team and 46 villages established docking assistance. At the same time Ning Zhang along the Road 38 companies, units and schools are also classified as a fence, the scope of the door remediation. As of now, Datong to the door, wall brick, wall renovation for whitewash, Kang portal as the main content of the transformation of village remediation activities have made new progress. Investment of 3 million 830 thousand yuan, completed 44 village 1775 door renovation; investment of 11 million 980 thousand yuan, 760 thousand square meters of wall renovation work completed in 41 villages of 1098 households; 11 million 380 thousand yuan investment, the completion of the 46 village 4834 370 thousand square meters of wall decoration; investment 190 thousand yuan, completed 18 villages and 549 Kang. Renovation work.

two, the integration of the project bundled funds to build activities to promote

Datong County to build the project to ensure early implementation of project organization, coordination group and related departments to timely in-depth investigation of demonstration village, village project declaration on demonstration and review, review of project funds. "Declaration of military enterprises build a model village construction project" 5 categories of 22 items 583, the estimated total investment of 44430 yuan. Among them, the national capital of 164 million 940 thousand yuan, the provincial capital of $79 million 100 thousand, the city’s financial special funds of 7 million 380 thousand yuan, housing subsidy funds of $5 million 620 thousand, one thing a discussion of funds of $11 million 530 thousand. A proposed project of 11 million 530 thousand yuan of funds and finance "military enterprises build a model village special supporting 18 million 800 thousand yuan of funds have been appropriated.

three, model to help build activities in depth development

combined with the actual work in rural areas, bold innovation, the seven model as the carrier to actively promote the development of building activities in depth. one is the point guidance mode . Take the "3+1" method, namely the contact point leading the pack guidance, inspection teams of staff guidance, Village township leading village guide. The selection of "village of love, down-to-earth style, familiar with the business excellence" for each village cadres to set up a working group to participate in the activities, help village contact point to clear thinking, improve the planning and plan, the implementation of the project, the formation of joint enterprises to actively participate in the relevant departments, promote pragmatic contact point to the village with the masses, actively respond together to promote build a good;

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