Doubling plan Xining market to enhance the main body

Volkswagen entrepreneurship, innovation is at the time!

a public enterprise, the people’s innovative city, must be a vibrant and dynamic city!

construction of circular economy industrial chain, foster "Internet plus" characteristics of industrial system, construction of public record passenger space……

new market players to determine the direction and goals of infinite joy!

April 29th, the city and promote the development of market players and investment work conference held the meeting, issued a "Xining City, a new round of market development doubling plan (2015-2018)", a clear plan, and strive to the end of 2018, I realize the main market development goals in enterprises, doubling the number of new jobs, the number of registered trademarks brand cultivation number, special funds and entrepreneurship carrier construction area 6 indicators doubled; individual businesses and farmer cooperatives households 2 indicators breakthrough; the total economy and the market main body of market main body of investment in fixed assets increased by 2 indicators.

development goals

achieve 6 major indicators to multiply

by the end of 2018 the market players over 150 thousand

add new jobs more than 145 thousand people

[the rapid development of market players] to the end of 2018, the main market exceeded 150 thousand, reaching 154822. Among them, the number of enterprises reached 40788 households, doubling; individual industrial and commercial households to break through to reach a total of 110580 households, farmers cooperatives break through 3000, reaching a total of 3454 households.

[] the total economy and rapid investment promotion by the end of 2018, the main market value added exceeded 130 billion yuan, reached 134 billion 100 million yuan, accounting for 86% of the GDP, the private economy added value reached 80 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for the city’s GDP 51%.

[doubling the number of employees] to the end of 2018, the main market of more than 145 thousand new jobs. Small and medium enterprises in which the number of new jobs more than 60 thousand people; individual industrial and commercial households more than the number of new jobs in more than 80 thousand people; the number of new farmers’ professional cooperatives more than 5800 people.

[trademark doubling] to the end of 2018, the main body of the market more than 10600 trademark registration.

[brand breeding multiplier] to the end of 2018, the main body of the market reached 33 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks reached 100.

[special funds to invest] to the end of 2018, municipal and county financial support for the development of the market to invest 500 million yuan.

[venture capital construction area doubling] to the end of 2018, the city (including Xining economic and Technological Development Zone) completed a carrier area of 1 million 500 thousand square meters. <;

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