Cancel decentralization and adjust the province’s three hundred and sixty four administrative examin

decentralization is the key to deepening government reform, accelerate the transformation of government functions. Since last year, the provincial government attaches great importance to the government’s self revolution, as of June 30th this year, the provincial government canceled decentralization and adjustment of 364 administrative examination and approval matters.

reform bonus to be released, to stimulate the vitality of the market, decentralization has achieved remarkable results. According to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau digital, industrial and commercial registration system reform, from March 1st to May this year, the province’s newly registered enterprises and the registered capital, compared with the same period last year growth of 111.29% and 68.96%, a substantial increase in the number of market players. At the same time, significantly reduce the cost of entrepreneurship.

"in the past to run a project approval at least two or three months, and now through the administrative service hall window and online peer-to-peer services, only 15 days, the project started, the efficiency of government agencies and the work style really changed." In the provincial government administrative services hall, Ledu City, East Sea to come to work at the grassroots staff told reporters.

is free, not laissez faire; pipe to pipe, pipe is not dead. The core essence of the transformation of government functions is to put the tube combination, the government departments at the same time in the "downsizing", and actively implement the "fitness" and "cleaning".

we see, in accordance with the deployment of the State Council, the provincial government to seriously clean up regulations and normative documents, review of 100 government regulations, involving 222 administrative examination and approval of the provincial government and the provincial government office of normative documents, 1810 provincial government departments normative documents, decided to amend the government regulations 2, abolished, declared invalid modify the provincial government and the provincial government office 42 regulatory documents and departmental normative documents 250. While strict control of new, more stringent measures to firmly control the new administrative examination and approval, to prevent side by side, by reducing the dark increase. Since last year, the provincial government departments no new administrative examination and approval projects. Provincial Department of land and resources will be in the hands of the "biggest right" — the business of land, prospecting and mining rights transfer and allocation to the market, focus on strengthening the investment and approval activities in ecological protection, land use, energy consumption and pollution emissions management, received good results.

finance actively promote the transformation of financial functions and management innovation, timely revision of the corresponding management measures. Procedures for the transfer of the transfer of the approval of the project, the work of convergence, business training, etc., to ensure that the decentralization of administrative examination and approval projects in the city (state) financial sector can pick up, take steady, do well.

At the same time,

provincial development and Reform Commission on decentralization, changing functions, change the style to carry out promotion activities, to further clarify responsibilities, and reduce the management responsibilities of other cross departmental functions, decentralized, stripping industry with the overlapping management responsibilities, transfer coordination, service and technical assistance responsibilities.


in the transformation of functions, the various functional departments to actively decentralization, optimize the service environment, the real management functions from micro to macro;

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