Datong County the town of Party members and cadres to actively carry out the modern distance educat

According to the

"on the Party cadres modern distance education" with promote "the activities of the implementation of views" documentation requirements, for the further implementation of the provincial Party committee secretary of the "two letter" Qiang Wei and a leading cadres "more than and 5" the spirit of the instructions, close party, for improving work style, strengthening grassroots work by August a month’s time, and actively organize cadres and the masses of Party members and party activists to carry out the education of learning activities.


site using the Qinghai distance education platform, the organization of Party members, cadres and the masses to watch "," France "heavy thoughts" and other independent warning education.

watched the warning film, to the majority of Party members and cadres sounded the alarm, once again reiterated to the party members and cadres of the party for the public and the concept of power. This is very useful for warning education of Party members and cadres, timely and correct the bad mentality of Party cadres, Party members and cadres to form a good style of work, all Party members and cadres to deeply understand the importance of anti-corruption struggle, enhance the ability to resist corruption prevention and change the awareness of clean politics, further build out of everyone Si Lian, everyone, everyone corruption and promote honest good social atmosphere.


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