Pension service information platform for the first phase of the project started in Xining

The day before, my pension service information platform for the construction of a project was officially launched in Xining.

it is reported that the pension service information platform is the use of cloud computing, big data and other information technology, the construction of the basic data for the support to the pension, pension service management platform based on the province, is the basic carrier of wisdom endowment. The province’s pension service information platform by the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Department of finance to support the construction of the public bidding by the China Telecom group system integration company Qinghai branch to build. The first phase of the construction of software development, divided into 4 areas: the construction of the province’s pension data platform, build a comprehensive pension service application platform, the construction of home care and institutional pension management service system. The platform will integrate all aspects of government and social supervision mechanism to the province’s pension resources, unified and standardized as constraints, through websites, mobile phone APP, WeChat, intelligent terminals and other channels, the demand for pension services docking, demands processing, public service activities, supervision and management of comprehensive pension services, pension services guarantee system in our province, line well sustained and healthy.

the first quarter of 2016 is expected to complete the construction of software platform and hardware procurement in place after the first deployment in Xining City, East Sea city. Then, according to the provincial unified deployment, to community level five full coverage, the county pension service platform for the supervision center, outstanding township (street) and the community (Village) construction level platform, according to the actual needs, the basic completion of the province’s architecture layout before the end of June 2017, the realization of "Internet plus pension service" to promote the pension services, information technology, standardization, service quality and efficiency and lay a solid foundation for pension.  

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