Hundreds of thousands of young people go to a blind date

At the beginning of May, kylin Bay Park crowded, crowds of young men and women, the Municipal Federation of trade unions held here by "fate sky" as the theme of the workers dating dating activities held as scheduled, thousands of single young workers look forward to encounter the other half of life, hand in hand with happiness.

it is understood that the organization is closely linked to social activities, rich in content, comprehensive service, winning many young men and women workers and actively participate in the welcome. In the admission office, the young men and women to participate in the activities of the registration name, the number plate, and write their names on the above, personal data card to be posted by the staff in a blind date display area. Lovey-dovey music, to attend the single men and women to follow suit, the atmosphere in the park began to slowly heat up, as part of the game’s climax, activity. The host has arranged a double balloon, throwing Hydrangea, pig wife, three foot two relay race on the balloon, whispering acoustic and other exciting game, each game will need to participate, with the tacit understanding of male and female workers. Through the game, the two sides have a preliminary impression, and further enhance the understanding and feelings, the winner also received a beautiful prize. According to statistics, there are more than 60 young men and women workers on a blind date, with the initial willingness to communicate. City Federation of trade unions to meet the expectations and needs of the broad masses of workers will continue to carry out blind dating activities, for the city to build a wider single blind dating platform. (author: Xu Shunkai)


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