Domestic milk brands list ten

is a delicious and nutrition, so are many diners favorite jeans in the current market, the brand is more and more. In short, milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as the "white blood", the importance of the human body can be imagined. Milk, as its name implies, is squeezed out of a female cow.

in different countries, there are different levels of milk. At present, the most common is whole, low-fat and skim milk. The current market milk additives also quite a lot, such as high calcium low fat milk, which added calcium. Following together with the small series to see the top ten brands of domestic milk.

domestic milk ten brands list: Golden NO.1 SATINE (Yili Group on behalf of the high-end brand, a healthy ecological organic dairy development / production / sales of listed companies, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd)

domestic milk ten brands list: NO.2 (Deluxe Mengniu Group’s high-end brand of milk, 3.3 grams is known, with its natural high quality milk protein content of high quality milk suppliers, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group)

domestic milk ten brands list: NO.3 (Taiwan Wangzai Gamigo market leading brands, in 1992 officially invest in the mainland market, diversified integrated enterprise, Chinese Wangwang Holdings Limited)

domestic milk ten brands list NO.4: Yili (started in 1993, with the domestic gold with milk, liquid milk by cold / milk / yogurt / milk / five Division, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Limited by Share Ltd)

domestic milk ten brands list NO.5: Mengniu (founded in 1999, Hong Kong listed companies, in the construction of milk / dairy production / sales / development as one of the major dairy and dairy companies, Mengniu Dairy Group)

domestic milk ten brands list: NO.6 Bright Dairy (starting in 1949, engaged in milk / dairy / nutritional health food production, feeding cows and bulls / breeding / logistics and distribution of the listed company, Shanghai Bright Dairy Limited by Share Ltd)

domestic milk ten brands list NO.7:Weidendorf (Deya’s famous pinli food dairy brands, domestic milk industry leading brands, high-quality milk, pinli (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd.)

domestic milk ten brands list NO.8: modern animal husbandry (domestic large-scale dairy enterprises and high-quality raw milk suppliers, earlier in dairy farming resources listed companies, modern animal husbandry.

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