Difficult to protect the basic livelihood of the Spring Festival

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, to safeguard the "two" during the civil Huimin policy implementation, to ensure that the rural masses to spend a happy and peaceful holiday, the City Civil Affairs Bureau to increase supervision and inspection efforts during the two the civil Huimin policy implementation. At present, the two sections of the Huimin policy personnel to determine the accuracy of the program, all the funds in place, effectively protect the basic livelihood of the masses during the difficult masses.

It is reported that

, the city’s existing city residents object 29961 and 63336 month, the city guaranteeing payment of 14 million 655 thousand and 800 yuan, annual payment of 173 million 663 thousand and 600 yuan premium low city; rural residents 32403 households in 91960 years, the rural subsistence allowances of 141 million 9 thousand yuan; the beneficiaries 2474 years, issued five guarantees gold 12 million 930 thousand yuan. At present, the Spring Festival subsidies, one-time life stage city destitute persons living allowance, urban and rural funds, temporary price subsidies, winter heating assistance payments, medical assistance payments, temporary aid funds have been devolved, will soon be assigned to the hands of the masses.

during the two, the district has also increased the intensity of sympathy to the needy, concentrated personnel condolences to the families of 1600 focus groups, affected people, subsistence allowances and welfare, condolence payments 840 thousand yuan. Special one-time timely allocated grants, dibiao funds and Medicaid funds 8 million 898 thousand yuan. Do a good job, winter warm winter rescue special action. At the same time in the railway station, bus station, Central Plaza and other crowded areas to set up 8 temporary relief points.



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