Central Plaza North expansion of the two most

Central Plaza North expansion demolition work completed, the city’s major construction projects, the fastest speed, the shortest time to complete the demolition of two of the work of the project. This also means that the Central Plaza North expansion project construction work will be carried out in the near future, skyscrapers, waterfront parks, cultural activities center will be stunning present in front of the public. This is the reporter learned from the Central Plaza in August 9th to expand the work of the north to promote the work of the general assembly.

Central Plaza North expansion project is the provincial 12th Five-Year key construction projects, the city is a major public infrastructure projects, but also the transformation of the old city landmark project. Total investment of nearly 2 billion 100 million yuan, with a total area of about 299 acres, the total area of about 200 thousand square meters, involving households of households, the unit of 31. Jointly implemented by the project management committee in Nanchuan district government, comprehensive development. November 2010 start, in August 2012 to enter the stage of full swing.

from the central square of the North expansion since the demolition work to tackle, in the correct leadership of the municipal government, the city area all the relevant departments and units of solidarity, the relocation of staff work together, firmly insist the demolition tasks, high speed and high efficiency to promote the demolition work, which lasted only a year to complete 200 thousand square meters demolition tasks. Next, the city will continue to explore the demolition work in the work of a good working mechanism, the establishment of a good demolition team, develop a good resettlement program, improve the demolition of the protection, to ensure that the demolition work in an orderly manner. (author: Sheng Nan)

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