How to get a higher popularity dry cleaning franchise

dry cleaning franchise operators want to get a higher popularity, more tourists, the need to work hard. Many franchisees are very optimistic about the development of the industry, hoping to get a smooth development. Xiaobian finishing related business experience, I hope you can find a suitable investment opportunities.

technology is hardware, attitude is software

a, laundry effect

if a Hefei flawed thing in the washing effect, then create a good customer experience would be impossible. Of course, the laundry effect is directly linked to the laundry store equipment, the vast majority of dry cleaning stores can be achieved at this point.

two, service attitude


for less than the demand, as long as no conflict or even good service attitude to see people not wearing tainted glasses with customers, and with the development of the times, the service is promoted more and more enterprises to the strategic height, the requirements for the service tends to be not the best, only better standards. Excellent service attitude to create an atmosphere of Guests feel at home. customer first. As long as you experience the customer’s psychological intentions, so that he realized that you attach importance to him and value, then win the trust of customers is no longer a problem.

repeat customer marketing

repeat marketing can play two roles, one is to enhance the connection with the old customers; another is to identify the edge of the customer and motivate them to become loyal repeat customers. These two goals as the basis for repeat marketing. So, how to repeat customer marketing?

one, always keep warm

many people say they go to a store to buy things, because a service staff to make a deep impression on him. This gives you the inspiration to join the dry cleaners: focus on the image and quality of the receptionist.

two, the establishment of customer files

the purpose of establishing a customer profile is to understand the customer’s consumption, as well as for each customer to provide customized services.

three, pay attention to customer communication

often communicate with customers on the dry cleaners to join the service, listen to the recommendations of customers, and can be recorded in the form of paper, so that consumers feel that the store has been joined in the customer service intentions.

dry cleaning franchise business prospects are good, many franchisees have joined. Since joining them, we must think about how to get a good profit. Some suggestions on the small total you recommend

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