July 1st Province officially canceled the distinction between the nature of accounts

In July 1st, the abolition of agricultural and non-agricultural Hukou household distinction in the province within the scope of registration by households of urban residents, urban residents collective households households, rural households households, rural residents collective households "four types as" household "and" residents collective households "two types. Immediately stop for the blue print accounts. This reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau in June 26th.

is to have blue India accounts for the staff, conform to the conditions, according to the principle of voluntary can apply for permanent residence registration in the local, the blue print accounts; do not conform to the conditions of the renewal of the residence permit, shall. Various types of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural accounts involving changes in the nature of the examination and approval will be stopped, the Central Plains of the population information management system unified nature of the conversion, save for reference. The existing residence booklet does not require a unified replacement, but the initiative to apply for the masses to be replaced. The public security organs no longer marked the household properties in filling, issued, issued by the household registration documents, legal documents, Hukou issued before the household registration documents, legal documents in the annotation has no proof of citizenship meaning. Where a resident identity card and residence booklet citizens, engaged in social activities, with a valid legal identity card or residence booklet to prove identity.

at present, the province’s population information system has been implemented at the provincial level, and to further expand, the provincial public security department is actively promoting the province migration accounts online for the province to further simplify the account transfer formalities, year is expected to achieve the province migration one-stop office, the provincial migration will not need to go to the original household registration issued "to account transfer card".

– to have 2 or more housing and home loans have been settled respective families, and apply for loans to buy housing, banking financial institutions should be based on the borrower solvency, credit conditions and other factors carefully grasp and determine the specific proportion of down payment and loan interest rates.


– workers continuous full housing provident fund deposit 6 months (inclusive) above, can apply for housing provident fund individual housing loans. Workers to buy the first set of housing, the maximum loan period to 25 years. Paid workers housing provident fund loans to use the family to buy the first set of ordinary housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 20%;

– to have 1 sets of housing and home loans have been settled respective deposit employee families, to improve the living conditions of re apply for housing provident fund loans since the purchase of ordinary housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 30%.

– workers continuous full housing provident fund deposit over 3 months, and the spouse in the city no deposit owned housing and rental housing, couples can extract the housing fund to pay the rent.

– close to the statutory retirement age of workers, according to their ability to repay, health and credit conditions, the loan period may be extended to my method;

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