East District will build two public kindergartens

East District Lutheran Lutheran elementary school and the use of the school, this year, the East District Bureau of education will raise new schools, which will invest nearly ten million yuan, the construction of two public kindergartens.

Tak tree primary school has built a 12 thousand square meters of teaching building, in September this year, the school put into use, the remaining ancillary facilities under construction, plans to be completed by the end of this year. The East Primary School the school safety project construction has been completed, after acceptance in November of this year put into use, the two projects will effectively alleviate the pressure of the entrance area of rhyme ieguchi.

next, East District will raise new schools, including two public kindergarten construction project is actively preparing for the golden boy, art kindergarten new projects will use the original site of new North Gate Street Primary School, to plan new activities auxiliary room of 3000 square meters, can accommodate 9 classes, 270 children, has been fighting for the project 5 million 100 thousand yuan of funds; another kindergarten plan for the old building demolition and reconstruction of national nursery of Xining city as a national nursery, 12 new classes, can accommodate 360 children into the garden, the project has secured 2 million 500 thousand yuan of funds, two kindergarten project started in the year. In addition, this year also plans to invest 2 million yuan international village primary school new teaching building supporting projects, has completed the basic green and new equipment purchase of $630 thousand, the project completed by the end of the year.


board of education staff, in addition to the completion of the project by the end of this year, there are several eastern new schools are preparing a plan to start the year, the most important project is the relocation project sonoyama Hui Primary School project plan, build the university teaching and auxiliary room of 18 thousand square meters, can accommodate 30 classes of primary school and junior middle school 18 a class of nine year school, at the same time in order to facilitate the child admission, the new campus facilities include 12 classes, can accommodate 360 children enrolled in public kindergartens; in addition, Kang Nan primary school new project has been completed land acquisition, plans to build a 30 classes, can accommodate 1350 standard school students, the project plans to start at the end. (author: Ma Rong)

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