Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau build marriage bridge to find vegetable greengrocer

let the greengrocer into vegetable, vegetables to grasp information, and feedback market information to farmers, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau trying to build bridge for marriage and vegetable vendors". In October 10th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Jianguo Road branch of industrial and commercial staff organization of forest Hesheng standardized farmers market 10 households to find food vendors.

noon, caifan to Chinese cabbage, while was playing in the leaves, while asking the sale price. This dish is really fresh, or pollution-free vegetables, if the price is reasonable, I will consider the bulk purchase." Ma Zhendong said operating households. To discuss matters relating to the acquisition of the caifan said: "dish cheap to buy some back!"

Huangzhong County town of Suhl Ji village vegetable base is mainly planted cabbage, baby vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and other vegetables. In general, the vegetables are sold by local farmers to urban areas. I heard that the forest Hesheng market greengrocer to "find" fresh vegetables, the village Party branch secretary Su Shengcheng said happily: "caifan directly into the dish, not only saves us time for the market, the cost is reduced a lot. To find the vegetable sales market, farmers will be able to concentrate more vegetables." It is understood that this year Suhl Ji village by village to purchase food vendors, sales of more than 30000 yuan.


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