Qinghai Province cultural industry driving force index ranked third in the country

Recently, reporters from the provincial press and publication department of culture cultural industry was informed that in the development of the cultural industry index Chinese provinces and the Ministry of Culture issued "(2014)", the cultural industry of our province driving force index for the first time a finalist for the national top ten, ranked third.

"Chinese provincial cultural industry development index (2014)" is based on published information and questionnaire survey data of the National Bureau of statistics in 2013, calculated from 31 provinces and autonomous regions in the development of cultural industries, including comprehensive index, productivity index, influence index, index of driving forces. The driving force index reflects the regional cultural industry development environment, including market environment, public environment, innovation environment, etc..This is the Renmin University of China

fifth release "compilation of results of cultural industry development index China provinces. It is understood that in 2012, Qinghai cultural industry productivity index only ranks eighth in the country, with all over the province to the cultural industry attention and support efforts continue to increase, the cultural industry development environment optimization, 2014, Qinghai cultural industry driving force index ranked third in the country, cultural consumption and cultural consumption environment satisfaction eighth, tenth in the country.

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