Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to carry out the work of preaching a document to the countrysi

In order to do propaganda work, according to the municipal government "on the cadres to the countryside propaganda activities of the notice" requirements, the Xining Municipal Statistics Bureau attaches great importance to carefully organize, fully deployed, transferring 5 theoretical quality and practical experience strong cadres set up propaganda group, went to Huangyuan county and Pingxiang to carry out propaganda work. February 28th, the office of the propaganda group of 5 people in the party members, under the leadership of deputy director Wang Zhigong, in-depth work to carry out the work of preaching. First in Huangyuan county and Pingxiang preach the document at the central and provincial mobilization conference and work arrangements, and then quickly arrived at the peaceful town of Huangyuan county and village, long race village, with meals and luggage in rural households, solid and steadily carry out the propaganda work. Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to preach group members in accordance with the requirements, the farmers went home, through conversation and observation about methods of preaching Party Central and provincial municipal policies and measures on agriculture, agricultural and livestock products detailed survey of farmers income and living consumption expenditure, spring production data preparation, and the children go to school migrant workers, actively collect relevant information, earnestly carry out the investigation and research, the study of theory and practice of rural work, and strive to peasant brothers, take practical action the party’s policies into a well-off society, promoting steady development of agriculture, farmers continued to increase, maintain social stability in rural areas, fully listen to the opinions of the masses. To help solve practical difficulties and problems of the current agricultural production and farmers’ life, to ensure the effectiveness of propaganda work. .  

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