Qinghai Province director of the 2016 public examination of clerks following positions of civil ser

5 9, Qinghai Province, director of the 2016 civil service written examination open clerks following positions marking the successful conclusion. Written examination results announced, the next step into the qualification review, the Tibetan speaking test and physical assessment stage. Interview preparations will be organized to be held in late June.

It is reported that

, director of Qinghai Province in 2016 open the examination of clerks following positions civil service written marking work from the beginning of April 24th, the "proposal" of all the network marking, "the administration occupation ability test" the computer machine readable marking. Human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Provincial Bureau of civil servants from the Qinghai University, Qinghai National University, Qinghai Radio and TV University, provincial Party committee and Xining municipal Party School deployed 64 teachers, reviewing "proposal" subject papers. At the same time, invited 14 understand Tibetan (Mongolian) language experts, the "proposal" subject Tibet (Mongolian) language papers were reviewed.


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