Xining city to carry out special inspections of food safety in the school cafeteria in autumn

in order to create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious learning and living environment, to the Xining city school teachers and students in August 30th, the Department will jointly carry out the autumn of 2012 in Xining city schools (including nurseries) canteen food safety special inspection work.

for the summer of two food safety incidents occurred in Xining City, many parents fear. In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, this fall before the opening of the city of Xining to the relevant departments issued an order requiring thorough investigation of all students in the field of food related.

this special food safety inspection focused on the informative to every detail of the school canteen is catering service license, whether the implementation of the management system, is equipped with food safety management personnel, whether the strict implementation of personnel health management requirements, whether strict implementation processing of raw materials procurement and production requirements, whether the standard use of food additives and whether the strict implementation of tableware disinfection regulations, the existence of illegal processing behavior, and beans dish is essential to the existence of illegal purchase and use of nitrite behavior, the regulatory requirements for rectification is put in place, whether the establishment of food safety emergency plan and operation manual. Where did not carry out cafeteria food safety self-examination, will be criticized. Where the management system is not implemented, the deadline for rectification. Where there is no access to food service license or has no license conditions, are not allowed to eat. Where there is illegal behavior, will be strictly and severely punished.

Special inspection of

is divided into two stages of self-examination and inspection, before September 7th, the county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau and the Bureau of education administrative departments in autumn 2012 schools and nurseries canteen food safety special joint inspection unit, the administrative jurisdiction of the schools and nurseries canteen food safety work to carry out a comprehensive investigation, Kennedy will eliminate the food safety hidden danger. September 11th to 14, began to check to ensure the formation of long-term mechanism for food safety supervision.



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