Xining purify the market to crack down on illegal manufacturing and selling counterfeit veterinary d

Xining veterinary health supervision department through special rectification for a period of time, crack down on illegal manufacture and sale of counterfeit veterinary drugs, veterinary drug market purification.

June 1st, a reporter from the Xining veterinary health authority learned, in accordance with the "overall in 2007 the province’s veterinary drug market rectification plan" requirements, Xining veterinary health supervision departments to set up a special group of veterinary drug market, by the one responsible charge of agriculture and animal husbandry, to ensure efficient work, market regulation in place. Through the dragnet inspection, inspection of veterinary drug wholesale and retail enterprises and animal treatment units 32, 5, 800 kinds of veterinary drug inspection, found veterinary non GMP certified production of 52 kinds of veterinary drugs, expired 76 kinds, 3 kinds of illegal veterinary drugs, veterinary drugs confiscated a total value of more than 7000 yuan. Xining city animal quarantine station chief Zhang Chengtu said, will fight against illegal manufacturing and selling counterfeit drugs from the source. (author: Shen Weizu)


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