The core values of people’s police educational practice

Since the concept of

education activities carried out since the core values of people’s police, grassroots police station conscientiously implement the educational practice arrangements, closely around the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" core values of police requirements, in order to implement the educational practice of innovative education and practice activities in the form of security, as the starting point, focus on the needs of the people. The core values into public service, to ensure that educational practice and in-depth and fruitful.

north of the city police station to strengthen the sense of service for the people of , active area for the masses of the door service. Considering the area students to focus in class, practical difficulties of access to the campus inconvenience, ershilipu police station waiting for change to active site service, the ID card information collection equipment moved to the campus of the Qinghai University, and give up the holiday break, and concentrate time and power for the students collecting photo ID card information collection on the spot, the spot acceptance for daily maintenance. For maintenance, the two generation ID card more than 100 people. College students have applauded this practice, which fully reflects the people’s police professional ethics.

City North Street police station actively solve problems for the masses to do practical things, the masses of things as their own thing. In June 5th, Xu to North Street police station said the 15 year old daughter on May 25th afternoon after leaving disappear without a trace. Alarm immediately after the North Street to make arrangements for the organization of the police visited the investigation, timely combing delete selected information, to determine the possibility of the child in the west coast of Tieshan, tin clues. To find the children, the police overnight drove 800 kilometers to Tieshan Haixizhou tin, regardless of distance tired, continuous visits to more than 100 households in rental housing, and finally found the child in the home for 16 days in late June 12th 22. In June 19, 2012, the area of the masses with " heart of masses to solve problems banner came to North Street police station, thanks to the leadership and the police to find the child.

North Bridge Street police station practice the people’s police for the people, the core values of the people, for the people to guard property regardless of day and night. In June 11th, the Bridge Street shop owner of a mobile phone Jin party at the time of work, pull down the gates forgot to lock in a hurry home. 23, automatic coiling gate, door open, on both sides of the neighbors are not found, party a contact, do not worry, this is the bridge street, Peng Jianguo police patrol patrol team to find it, Peng Jianguo will let other players continue to patrol, he and another member of the team in front of the store on duty for this, a guard is a night. When the party came to work the next morning, only to know their carelessness almost caused a catastrophe, after inventory, shop;

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