Xining winter fire prevention work conference called for a serious fire accident

At present, has entered the winter fire prone period, in the afternoon of December 13th, the Xining municipal government held a winter fire prevention conference. Vice mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Liu Tianhai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meeting the requirements of the city’s various regions, departments should concentrate time and power, and further take effective measures, make the winter fire prevention work, and resolutely curb serious especially Qunsiqunshang fire accident.

meeting pointed out that from January 1st to December 1st this year, the city a total of 541 fires, no deaths, injured 3 people, direct property loss of $4 million 272 thousand and 200. Last year, the number of fires decreased by 42.3%, the number of deaths fell by 400%, the number of injured fell by 81.3%, direct property losses fell by 91.8%. Fire forces by carrying out the "Eighteen fire safety battle to suppress fires campaign and party rectification, eliminate a large number of major fire hazards.

meeting requirements, various regions and departments to further analyze the current situation of the fire work, the development of a strong winter fire prevention program, timely deployment arrangements. Give prominence to the fire hazard investigation and remediation key departments and units of the organization investigation, power supply, water supply, oil and gas supply, transportation, communication, broadcasting and other key departments and units, supervision units to implement fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the safety management, and rectify the existing fire hazard and fire violations, to ensure fire safety; serious fire pays special attention to the hazard investigation and remediation in crowded places, shopping malls, hotels, intensive for schools, hospitals and stations and other personnel and venues, dance hall, bar, bath and other public places of entertainment, to carry out the "dragnet" fire safety inspection. In addition, we should focus on high-rise, underground buildings, flammable and explosive places, rural, community and other key parts of the fire hazard investigation and remediation, timely elimination of unsafe factors. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


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