Xining declared National Wetland Park

In the land of the city wetland construction, creating a good ecological environment in harmony with the rare bird. Reporters from the garden department, Xining city will rely on wetland resources of Huangshui River and its tributaries, and create a positive declaration of national "Xining Huangshui River Wetland park". At present, the "Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Master Plan" has been approved by experts, will be reported to the State Forestry Administration approval.

Xining also has wetland resources

at present, the wetland types in Xining are marsh wetland, river wetland, constructed wetland and so on. Beichuan River, West River, Nanchuan River and natural river sand pond in the Huangshui River tributary rivers constitute network endemic to Xining, these rivers and according to the formation of many reservoirs, ponds and marshes are important wetland resources in our city. In 2005 the establishment of the Beichuan Datong District of Heyuan nature reserve is an important water source, with the vast majority of the city’s water use, protection originated in 16 rivers in the region, through the Huangshui River empties into the Yellow River, the Yellow River added water, wetland resources protection areas rich provides good habitat for wild animal.


city birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers

imagine, the birds in the city over the free flying, playing in the river, singing in the mountains, there is a very harmonious birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers and beautiful scenery. Our city construction of Huangshui River National Wetland Park in order to strengthen the protection of wetlands, let the birds to live in Xining. Xining Huangshui River National Wetland Park planning area in the Huangshui River Basin in Xining City, which is a tributary of the Huangshui River and the Beichuan River and the Nanchuan River, including the Huangshui River, Beichuan River, Nanchuan river flows through the city 69 km range, focusing on the implementation of river wetland, floodplain wetland ecological restoration project.

according to the National Bureau of Forestry Survey and Design Institute prepared "Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park overall planning", the function orientation of Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park is a model of ecological protection, science learning classroom, folk culture corridor, tourist resort in the Holy land. Through the establishment of scientific research institutes, Wetland Museum, bird watching platform, for people to watch the wetland animals and plants, leading visitors into the wetland culture.

at present, Xining has built a beautiful Ning Lake Wetland in the East, in the Lake District Construction Xichuan Wetland Park, the regional ecological benefit has been initially apparent. According to the water into the city planning, the city also plans on the Beichuan River in the construction of a large wetland park, the common composition of the Huangshui River National Wetland park. (author: Xiao Yan)


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