Qinghai National Traffic Safety Day theme publicity campaign started

12 2, is the "national traffic safety day", by the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps jointly organized by the Qinghai provincial national traffic safety day launch ceremony held in Xining. Qilian County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade of Fort Mindanao squadron as an advanced collective, Xining City Public Security Bureau deputy chief of traffic police detachment Traffic Management Bureau Cao Yanjun 9 traffic police, the most beautiful, rental rental car company taxi driver Huang Yurong 10 best driver commended.

it is understood that this year’s National Traffic Safety Day theme is social collaborative governance, safe and civilized travel". With the practice of our province, will launch a 10 day theme activities, joint publicity by public security departments of education administration, transportation, safety supervision and other departments, with "traffic safety into the campus", "traffic safety base interactive experience", "public open day", focused on the choice of urban high, primary school, along the road and the rural area kindergarten free to carry out "traffic safety experience" and other activities, the use of rich and colorful propaganda, education and social activities, effectively drive the people to pay attention to and participate in road traffic safety work, actively promote the "traffic civilization", the practice of "traffic safety".

activities on the same day, by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xining civilization office, Xining Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau jointly organized the 2016 National Traffic Safety Day theme of the campaign officially launched in the central square. In Xining, the traffic police to show people self entertainment, set the traffic regulations consultation desk, put publicity boards, scrolling the propaganda and education of traffic safety in the 3 video, to carry out promotional activities. At the same time, the province’s public security organs at all levels also held a variety of forms, rich and colorful national traffic safety day theme publicity activities.


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