Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the regulation of the Spring Festival

Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau to strengthen the supervision of the Spring Festival market, to protect the holiday commodity supply.

From the beginning of

yuan at the beginning of the month, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau increase of unlicensed clean-up efforts, focused on solving the township government is located above the county and town shops, small stalls, small market, small food workshops and small restaurants such as license management problems, ensure that the masses of food safety. At the same time, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also attaches great importance to grain, vegetables, meat, and other holiday consumption and large amount of complaints and reports of food quality problems and people’s lives are closely related to them, shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets and food enterprises as the focus, strengthen market inspections, ensure the inspection does not stay dead. As of January 27th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau were investigating 26 cases of illegal food, destroyed dens 6, seized on suspicion of forgery, fraudulent use of name and address certification mark and logo are registered trademarks of food cases more than and 300, value reached 670 thousand yuan; counterfeit Wuliangye, Tian Youde and other more than 50 thousand bottles of wine, the value reached 920 thousand yuan; and qualified Fuzhuan Tea more than 4 thousand and 200, worth more than 330 thousand yuan. (author: Liu Dong)


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