Xining science and Technology Bureau held a national innovative city construction liaison training c

in order to further promote the innovative city construction pace of our city, the implementation of the "Interim Measures" of the national innovation pilot city construction responsibility target assessment of Xining city and Xining city from 2011 to 2015 "national innovation pilot city construction tasks", the afternoon of June 24th, municipal science and Technology Bureau held a "national innovative city construction of Xining city liaison training class hotel in Xining". City Council members of the Commission, responsible unit liaison, a total of 35 people participated in the training.

meeting, municipal science and Technology Bureau introduced the importance and significance of the construction of innovative city development in our city, and for the construction of innovative city key tasks and development direction are discussed in detail, asked all units to carry out the "5568" innovation project as the main task to a new system for job security, to the talent team as the key construction, integration of innovation resources, optimize the environment for innovation, improve the basic conditions, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization development, strive to build with obvious regional advantages and characteristics of the innovation system, enhance the independent innovation ability. At the meeting of the members of the annual task of the division of work and the specific content of the specific assessment of the detailed description, and informed the recent major work.



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