This lake race highlights more wonderful

May 15th, the fourteenth session of the Qinghai Rural Letter cup ring Qinghai Lake international road cycling race press conference held in Beijing. The meeting released the event arrangements, event highlights and event preparation and other aspects of the content, the National more than and 60 media attended the press conference.

this event will be held in Xining in July 4th, the opening ceremony, from July 5th to 18 in Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia provinces (districts) held a race. A total of 14 days of the 13 stage of events. Total distance of 2940 km race, the total distance of the game is 2021 km. Via Qinghai province Xining City Haidong City, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; Gansu Province, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Dingxi City, Tianshui City, Pingliang City, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; Centre, ending the war Shuidonggou to Yinchuan stage, and the closing ceremony was held in Yinchuan city.
events to "green, humane and harmonious" as the theme, fully display the Qinghai Lake and Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia beautiful natural scenery and unique ecological value, promote the concept of ecological civilization; Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia fully reflect the long history, cultural diversity, ethnic customs and economic development achievements, demonstrated perseverance, self-confidence and self-reliance enterprising spirit of hard-working people of all ethnic groups; deepen the connotation of "national festival", create a happy and peaceful atmosphere, promoting national unity and building a harmonious society construction, beautiful Chinese. Through the three provinces jointly organized with international influence, reflecting the international level, with Chinese characteristics of the contest, will effectively enhance our country and green, Gansu and Ningxia provinces (regions) in the international visibility and reputation.
the tournament entries in the team, circuit design, competition status, investment, and other aspects of lineup reports highlights frequently, to further increase the competition degree, wonderful enjoyment and participation of the masses. It is understood that a total of 60 teams from around the world to participate in the competition, has been identified by the screening of the participating teams, including UCI professional team of 1, UCI intercontinental professional team of 3, intercontinental team of 18. The number of each team athletes from 9 people to 7 people, so as to ensure the team sent a high level riders participating; throughout the race less than last year increased 852 kilometers, the mountain stage of the competition, reduce the road and round stage, mountain race up to 9 sections, 1 stage road, criterium retained 3, reduced highway ride, increased highway, rural roads, so that the audience can watch the game close; the State General Administration of sport event has been divided into the highest level of China’s A-class sports events, bonuses and fees of $1 million, continued to maintain the largest scale in Asia, most teams, the highest prize of the international cycling race, continue to maintain the lake high altitude, long distance, multi climbing characteristics; currently has more than 60 well-known media reached a preliminary agreement, the number of new media increased significantly, while strengthening And China sports video, Chinese sports newspaper and other professional sports media;

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