Qinghai Consumers Association issued consumer tips double 11 online shopping must be cautious ration

Anecdotal rumors, in November 11th the excessive use of mobile phones may be hot, do you want to prepare an ice cold?" Recently, the "double 11" endless variety of scripts. In the major electricity supplier by the double 11 big promotion on the occasion, the Consumer Association of Qinghai Province issued a consumer alert to the majority of online shopping consumers, to be cautious and rational consumption.

Consumers Association to remind consumers to pay attention to online payment. In the online shopping to choose a certain scale and the third party payment platform shops shopping website, try to use a browser security function, try not to click on the Sellers by providing MSN, QQ or E-mail etc. trading links or pictures, do not pay the third party to provide non goods for links.

should pay attention to store reputation. Consumers should pay attention to the reputation of online shops and brand reputation evaluation, reference to other consumer shopping reviews, it is best to choose a more familiar site shopping.

beware of false propaganda. Don’t be confused by some website low prices. The surface of propaganda do not believe businesses, a rational choice of goods, avoid goods and the actual description does not match the quality defects, such as fake phenomenon.

purchase of goods in urgent need to pay attention to avoid the peak of online shopping, to avoid the event of the day trading volume soared, the logistics pressure caused by the parcel detained. In case of delayed delivery, you can contact the business in the case of the first time when the electricity supplier to contact customer service to seek help.

finally, we must pay attention to retain consumer vouchers, master consumer rights approach. Consumers must pay attention to keep chats, transaction records, timely interception of the page, for sales documents, so as to avoid the problems of complaints without a license can lift, once the consumer disputes, timely complaint to the local consumer association or business sector report. (author: Wang Yalin)


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