Xining city food and Drug Administration clean and efficient new image of the tree

this year, the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration in the correct leadership of the municipal government and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city council office, conscientiously implement the spirit of the instructions to strengthen the level of the morals construction, to strengthen the work style construction and food and drug supervision work closely, adhere to the "construction, based on undergraduateteachingevaluation specimens the symptoms, the guiding ideology of" correction and construction, increasing style construction, grasp the management, grasping coordination, strict law enforcement, optimization services, and achieved good results.

the whole system signed the target responsibility book

in order to further strengthen the work style construction of the leadership, the bureau had made arrangements opinions, clarify the guiding ideology, work goal, work style building measures. The organization held a working meeting with the district and county food and drug supervision departments and subordinate units and offices signed the "target responsibility book", the focus of the implementation of the tasks and responsibilities to each of the staff, so that targeted specific measures, the responsibility to the people. For years, various units and departments carried out the implementation of the supervision and inspection, to promote the work style construction of the whole system to carry out.

learning and training to improve the overall quality of

study and education as the foundation of good work style construction, carried out a series of study and education activities. To strengthen the construction of learning type party organization, combined with the food and drug supervision work practice, make a study plan, the establishment of the party central group learning system, focus on learning organization, learning will be held 10 times, seminars, discussion and so on will be 8 times of the twelfth provincial Party Congress Spirit to seriously study and understand, and will study and implement the province the twelfth Party Congress spirit to implement the daily supervision of food and drug, to further improve the ideological and political qualities of all the party members and cadres. Conscientiously implement the municipal Party Committee Organization Department "100 class education" program, held in the first half of the medical legal knowledge training, 6 training courses, training a total of 240 passengers; actively participate in the relevant units and departments held National Bureau, Provincial Bureau and the various training activities 36 times, the number of 62 people. Through learning, enhance the ability of administration according to law, fair law enforcement, and promote the improvement of the overall business ability of the cadres.

strict law enforcement to promote the administration according to law

using a variety of carriers, organized a rich content, various forms of the law into the seven activities. According to the law, amendments to improve the "one-time notification system", "first asked responsibility system" and other 24 systems. We will strengthen the inspection of administrative law enforcement, standardize law enforcement activities, and ensure that the specific administrative acts such as administrative licensing and administrative penalties are legal, and the law enforcement documents are complete and timely filed.

implementation of government commitment system

has developed the open system of government affairs, the establishment of the government open bar, open unit duties, leading the division of labor and law enforcement personnel responsibilities, handling procedures, complaints and other telephone supervision.

– perfect business offices and work processes, and actively use the website and other media will;

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